7 Profitable and Evergreen On-Demand App Ideas for 2022

On-demand apps have become a part of our daily lives. Our daily lives and economic activities are getting centered on online platforms where independent sellers are offering plentiful services using mobile applications. A recent report suggests that the on-demand economy is attracting 22.4 million consumers every year and this number will increase as we head towards a tech-savvy economy. Service providers are hiring on-demand app development companies to enhance their market reach and consumer penetration.

What Is an On-Demand App?

On-demand apps serve as the first layer of connection between the service provider and consumer. It offers two major benefits for the consumer. Firstly, the consumer gets to connect with the service providers directly. Secondly, they get time-efficient services. The service providers benefit in terms of marketing, branding, and profits. On-demand apps have shattered the conventional methods of online services where the platforms were crowded with multiple service providers, curtailing the chances of any one particular service provider garnering attention. These apps have proved their efficiency in meeting the rise in demand across multiple sectors including food, car rental, health services, etc

How Does It Work?

On-demand apps generally focus on one particular area. For instance, Airbnb helps people in finding housing. This defined domain area makes it easier for the consumers to use it. These apps provide different options to the users. Consumers can make service-based payments or get a subscription. Again, there are different types of subscriptions. The non-involvement of third parties or agents makes these apps very profitable where the service providers can directly pitch to the target audience. To cover the maximum audience, the service providers launch mobile apps as well as web applications.

Evergreen on-demand App ideas

  1. Transportation apps

We have been using dial-a-ride services for many years. We have pre-booked taxis for airports and out-station movement. Transport is an evolving domain where the demand for services only increases. As technology penetrated the transportation sector, the transport companies started using applications. Today, we have on-demand applications for transportation of goods as well as people. These applications help the service providers to serve the customers in real-time and enhance the customer experience. The on-demand logistics is also an emerging sector. Transportation is set to remain one of the leading areas for on-demand applications owing to the growing complexity in our lives which compels us to look for time-efficient propositions in every domain.

  1. Healthcare apps

Healthcare is inclusive of different types of on-demand services including on-demand doctors, medicine delivery, and fitness trainer. COVID-19 pandemic has further escalated the demand for these solutions where the user can get most of the necessary healthcare services from home. On-demand doctors and medicine delivery save a lot of transport and waiting time. The millennial and Gen z is more inclined towards fitness which increases the demand for fitness trainers. The middle-aged office-going generation and housewives who do not have the time to visit gyms are looking for such solutions. Healthcare is a very beneficial domain for on-demand apps with the rise in e-pharmacies and e-consultation culture.

  1. Food delivery apps

Food delivery got instant hype amid the COVID-19 pandemic where everyone was restricted to homes. Consumers are enjoying the privilege of eating their favorite food in the comfort of their homes, miles away from any kind of physical contact. Takeaway counters can be easily seen in restaurants. However, many people wish to save time invested in traveling to these takeaway counters. Food delivery apps have emerged as a necessity for the working population. The demand for food delivery will continue in years to come, making it a great investment for food companies and restaurants.

  1. Instant errand running delivery apps

We have dozens of errands to complete in one single day. Errands running apps have emerged lately and seem to be a profitable solution. Millions of people wish to save their time on running errands, visiting shops for very small work. They can rely on these delivery apps. The errand running services are marketing their services as fast solutions. For instance, the consumers can get all their orders within 10-15 minutes. The fact that these on-demand apps can deliver anything from grocery to medicines makes them a very profitable proposition. In the future, they may replace food delivery apps and grocery delivery apps.

  1. Liquor delivery apps

People who consume liquor prefer it for every party and gathering. Currently, the liquor delivery is a very restricted space owing to the strict laws and regulations. However, going ahead in 2022, this domain may populate. There is a great profit margin in selling alcohol. The alcohol sellers are pushing to go online and kick start their business after the pandemic. The liquor delivery app can be very profitable in the coming years as the demand for alcohol will keep rising at its pace. The sellers can offer premium products and delivery casings to earn more profit.

  1. Home services apps

On-demand home service makes a very lucrative area. It includes a variety of services including cleaning, repair, babysitting, pet care and many more. People have started experiencing the benefits of home services in recent years. An on-demand home service app offers many options such as price comparison, ratings, and premium services which are expected to increase the demand for these apps in the coming years. Moreover, these apps are a source of livelihood for millions of people. The on-demand app providers can give livelihood to thousands of people and make money from their fees.

  1. Beauty Services apps

Beauty is an evergreen segment where the demand for beauty products and services never dies. People want quality services. This domain has a huge potential for service providers as there are only a few solutions in the market. At-home salon services and make-up professionals save a lot of time on traveling to the salons. Also, anyone can get services at the desired time in contrast to the conventional way of waiting for an appointment.

These 7 on-demand apps are expected to stay evergreen in the coming years. While the technology trends might change, the demand for the services will continue at its pace. On-demand apps are a great way to connect to the target consumers. The service providers can market new services, promote new offers, offer loyalty points, collect feedback and do many more things to increase their profits. Anyone can get started with these apps with the help of any developer or an on demand app development company. We can help you develop a highly responsive and user-friendly on-demand apps. We are an established software development company with 12+ years of experience. Our experts will help you design the most exclusive and attractive applications. Contact us today to launch an on-demand app to enhance your market presence.

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