7 Tips to Success with Wedding and Event Planning Certification

Global Wedding Academy is one of the best event management institute in Mumbai which helps to build a career in wedding management through different certifications.

What is Wedding and Event Planning

Wedding and event planning courses is a program designed to prepare students for the event management industry. The course generally combines wedding planning and event planning courses together to give you the practical skills required to find a job in the event industry or to start your own planning business. If you are confident, creative, diplomatic, Organised and have an eye for details then this and want to start up your own business, then this is the best career option for you.

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7 Tips to Success with Wedding and Event Planning Courses

  • Challenging Work: Being a wedding planner or an event planner is very challenging and requires an eye for details and observation power. While doing the course, you will be put to test with situations where you will be required to manage an event, this will help you improve your observation skills and thinking ability. It will prepare you to quickly think of a backup plan if required.
  • Career Option: After completing the course, you get a variety of career options to choose from. With the certification, you can get a job of an event planner, event manager, exhibition organizer, stage decorator, wedding planner, logistics manager, etc.
  • Start Your Own Business: It is not always mandatory to get a job, many candidates, after completion of the course, start up their own wedding and event management business. A wedding and event planning program will give you an idea of how to build a solid business plan, make you aware of the tax laws and business fillings in your area, demand and requirements of clients, set up a budget, etc.
  • Work from Home: You can easily work from the comfort of your home, you only need a phone, a computer, and an internet connection and you can sort out most event details without leaving home. Then you can set up meeting your clients in a cafe, hotel or restaurant and then visit and inspect venues, meet suppliers, etc. You can set all the appointments up to suit your schedule.
  • Payment for Your Hard Work: On average, a wedding planner or an event planner earns INR 20,000 to 30,000 per month. The earnings of a planner who is managing his own business are quite handsome and depend on the budget of the event and location where it is held.
  • Full of Variety: For a planner, each event is different and each day is new. One day you may be planning a destination wedding and the other a school event. Being an event planner, it will be solely your discretion, what type of events you want to plan. You can either stick to planning only weddings or choose from a variety of events like parties, anniversaries, festivals, lunches, birthdays, cultural events, etc.
  • Chance to Explore the World: A career in wedding and event planning will give you a chance to explore the world. To plan a destination wedding, you will have to visit different places and meet different people.

Best Wedding and Event Planning College in Mumbai
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