A Comprehensive IEO Marketing Guide to Launch an IEO in 2023

Get to know about a comprehensive IEO marketing guide to launch an initial exchange offering (IEO) in 2023

The initial exchange offering (IEO) is a new type of fundraising method that has emerged since the ICO excitement fizzled out (IEO). There was a very obvious shift away from ICOs and IEOs.

After over 90% of ICO projects were scams, someone needed to control crowdfunding, so the exchanges took it upon themselves. The new wave of crowdfunding is currently starting to emerge, and various exchanges are actively launching their IEO launchpads.

Is the decentralised crowdfunding ecosystem moving forward with IEOs, or are they merely another kind of advertising and a new avenue for exchanges to make significant profits from marketing? We’ll find out. (There is already unfavourable commentary over the launch of IEOs on Tier-II exchanges).

IEOs are a novel technique to raise money, and if they prove to be effective as a strategy, founders will need to investigate this possibility to make their businesses simpler to develop.

Let’s take out a strategy for individuals who want to launch an IEO in this article. This strategy is based on our own experience of marketing IEOs and other crypto projects. Additionally, it is based on data from cryptocurrency marketing companies and collaborators on initiatives that have already conducted initial coin offerings (IEOs) for their clients.

Methods to Launch an IEO

There are primarily two strategies to introduce an IEO:

Method 1 – Listing on the Top Exchanges 

As you work on your project, you try to make it appealing to the neighbourhood. Launching an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on reputable exchanges like Binance, OKEx, or Huobi will quickly show the community that your project is reliable.

An IEO is not the first step in funding in this scenario because you will already require some capital to meet the costs of operating and marketing your product.

Method 2 – Bootstrap (Tier-2 exchanges) 

Another tactic is to use your MVP and idea to attempt to raise seed money via an IEO. After that, you’ll use this cash to carry out your product development and put your marketing plan into action.

Let’s face it, raising money in this manner is challenging since market participants in the cryptocurrency space have already learned from the ICO hype and their present fear of losing money is very high. Investors have little faith in anyone due to the current circumstances.

In this circumstance, Tier -1 exchanges are closed to you. Regardless, you would work with Tier -2 exchanges who wish to accept money to launch an IEO.

This theory exchange requires to be a trustworthy source for appointing projects and top exchanges such as Binance truly are.

However, the fact is that most of the exchanges from tier 2 have accepted money to enrol in projects and there is a massive conflict of interest on the exchange side. They do not validate the IEOs, despite just sending them to those who have the money to pay the listing cost.

You should be prepared to pay for a listing and pay to market your IEO in the community to create trust if you choose to use the tier-2 approach.

The other twist here is that you are not restricted to one exchange and, based on your budget, you can simultaneously launch an IEO on a number of exchanges; whether that is appropriate for your circumstance or not is entirely up to you.

Whatever strategy you decide on, you’ll need to put a lot of time and effort into earning the community’s trust and demonstrating that you are not a con artist.

How do crypto investors evaluate the worth of projects?

Let’s first ask active cryptocurrency investors how they gauge a project’s market trust before outlining our marketing strategy.

There are still widespread beliefs that all it takes to get money is to acquire Telegram group members and send press releases to prominent crypto media. The idea is that doing this will increase traffic to your lovely landing page, which eventually results in -> Profit.

Investors are not foolish, though, and it is untrue since everyone is aware of which indicators are fake and which are real.

I questioned a number of significant ICO pool owners and other cryptocurrency traders about how they assess the crypto projects that they decide to invest in, in order to better understand this. In terms of evaluation, they were all essentially in agreement. Here, let’s go over a few of the responses.

Project Packing

Tokenomics, Ideas, legal questions, and MVP of the project should be prepared. All you do with yourself or appoint consultants to do it for you.

PR & Marketing

Instead of buying followers, which can alienate the community, you should instead implement a typical PR & Marketing strategy to gain their trust and introduce your initiative to the general public.

Budget to pay for listing (s):

Exchanges will impose steep fees for listing. Additionally, some exchanges will add marketing initiatives to their bundle, but in actuality, this is insufficient. Because the only things they provide are a newsletter emailed to their database of signed-up subscribers and an advertisement sent to their social media feeds.

Investors are aware that you spent on these marketing efforts, but that alone won’t engender confidence. So don’t rely on a trading platform’s marketing materials. If you want to be successful, you must conduct your own marketing.

What can you do after your IEO:

Everyone appears to believe that an IEO is the most significant event and that after it is over, you can unwind. But this couldn’t be further from the truth in actuality. Investors will look for a strategy for implementation and specific instructions on how you intend to launch your product. In actuality, the conclusion of your IEO only marks the beginning of a new, more difficult phase in the development of your company. Everyone will expect you to fulfil your promises now that you have the money, so get to work!

However, the most crucial factor is to have a trader involved at this stage who will trade your token/ coin on an exchange. If you won’t invest a lot in creating a community of day traders for your token – It might be in your best interest to make a financial commitment in order to develop a desirable market and enable genuine trading. In either case, you are essentially out of luck if your coin or token isn’t actively trading on an exchange.

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