How to become the BOSS everyone loves to work under?

Being a boss is tough. There is a particular image which is prevalent for bosses and it has transferred from one employee to another over the years. Many of the bosses themselves would have had terrible experiences with bosses across the organizations they worked for and that may reflect on their attitude towards their employees. Now the harsh truth is that every junior becomes a boss at some time during his/her career wherein he may face a red flag with employees working under him. So its better to be prepared well in advance and have an understanding of what makes a great boss.

Knowing your Team well

Good bosses must know the major positive and negative traits of their team members. The skill understanding, the character awareness is a must and the boss must make sure to provide opportunities to the individual to showcase those traits (mostly positive) from time to time. Its simple – track what your employees can do best and they would always make you look good. Employee productivity monitoring tools and employee tracking software can help a boss understand their team well. 

Enhance your team productivity with

Lead from the front – Inspire your team members

Scout for ways to make your work look good infront of your employees. Start initiatives which they can follow and complete at their own. Maintain discipline at your level and convey the same implicitly to your employees. Remember the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan / Clean India Campaign initiated by the Prime Minister of India – Narendra Modi. He just initiated, promoted, inspired others and the entire nation followed his footsteps.

Solve Problems don’t complicate them

Identify issues, listen to queries and be a problem solver. Instead of blaming your team, suggest solutions and instill confidence in your team that yes they can do it. Work on efficient task management tactics and avoid micromanagement. You will see them do wonders at work and build a productive workplace. 

Be Approachable

Always keep doors open for employees to come to you with ideas and solutions. The workplace communication systems must be simplified. Maintain an efficient leave management system at your company and implement employee friendly measures.

Distribute tasks evenly

As a great boss you need to be a great manager too. You have already identified the skilled ones at your workplace and so you know who can do what. Utilise automated attendance software and task management tools to simplify your work. Be at your toes to plan your office woes.


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