A Guide to Choosing the Best Yarn for Socks

Sock Yarn is a quality self patterning sock yarn in a range of gorgeous colour combinations for wonderful long lasting socks that are fun to knit.

What is Sock Yarn?

Sock yarns are unique yarns designed for knitting socks as well as other lace or crochet patterns. Most socks are knitted in one or more colourways on one or more needles. When you switch to patterning, you just drop your balls of yarn into the next colourway. Sock yarn can be knit in many types of sock yarns and can be dyed in many ways in order to provide a range of amazing discount yarn australia. Getting Started with Sock Yarns Dyeing Sock Yarn is a wonderful way of making socks and some of the really colourful sock yarns are dyed to create a perfect sock for your feet. While dyeing sock yarn can be a bit of a pain, the outcome is well worth the effort. Dyeing yarn with a solution is a fun way of playing with colour and experimenting with sock yarn dyeing.

Types of Sock Yarn

There are a few different types of sock yarn to consider when selecting the best one for your socks pattern: Multiple Colour Socks This is a well-known, traditional type of sock yarn that allows you to cast on a number of different colours to get a matching colour combination to your sock. It’s particularly suitable for men’s socks as it allows you to cast on a number of different colours before you get to the colour combination you really want. Other types of sock yarn include self patterning yarns which are made up of colour number cards which are labelled sequentially and rows of wool with the number of rows already knitted and numbers written beside the card.

Choosing the right yarn for your needs

Sock yarn can be purchased in a range of weights to meet your sock knitting goals and demands. However, it’s important to understand that the total weight of your socks are much more important than the length. In particular, socks that require a lot of stretch, tight tension and tighter finishing can be best suited to a heavyweight yarn like moebius or Jacquard. How to choose a sock yarn Many patterns don’t need a pattern, you may prefer to just knit up a sock in your own pattern, in whatever yarn you wish. However, there is a growing trend for very soft luxurious sock yarns which should be used as part of a solid colour sock knitting pattern. Certain sock yarns are designed to be used in conjunction with fancy needle sizes that match the chosen colour scheme.


Adding these sock yarns to your stash is a great way to support sustainability, reduce your carbon footprint and be your very own knitting hero. Let’s face it, our customers don’t often tell us the best thing about their knitwear purchase, but telling them about a couple of sustainable yarn store that you love that support sustainable footwear is something they will absolutely enjoy hearing about! If you are looking for more sock yarn to knit, check out some of the other sock yarns we carry in our store. What is Sock Yarn Many knitters, even experienced knitters, are confused about what sock yarn is. Is it a specific type of sock yarn, a percentage of it? What does sock yarn mean anyway? All of these questions and more will be answered in this article. Let’s start at the beginning.

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