A Journey to Discover the World of WordPress Block Themes

WordPress is one of the most popular and most used CMSs and website builders.

I often wonder where WordPress stands currently and where it is heading. With the recent updates, we got several never-seen-before features and functionality. The block editor was a step apart from the traditional editor. Now users can enjoy full-site editing, site-wide blocks, more control, and the first block theme ever—Twenty-Twenty Two!

You must feel these features are a great add-on, which they are, but these changes were necessary. Why? Because, “Becoming a leader is an enticing journey, but staying a leader is a constant war.”

WordPress is one of the most popular and most used CMSs and website builders. To hold onto this status and grow, WordPress has to keep offering ground-breaking features and updates. As it does not take long for new players to jump in when the leader is slacking off (example: Nokia was an industry leader, but they failed to adapt to the Android OS before the competition. Where are they now?)

I feel this is enough to know why constant updates and innovations are necessary. As critics of WordPress say, it is slow and the process is painful, but hey, it’s run by a community, and everybody has to agree. That’s why WordPress is extremely popular, widely accepted, and powers 43.2% of all websites! 

Let’s get to the objective of this article!

Now that philosophy is dealt with, let’s look at one of the most innovative and exciting features of WordPress version 5.9. This article is dedicated to WordPress block themes. We will embark on a journey to understand why blocks are so loved and very much needed.

WPWhiteBoard always goes above and beyond to bring you the most up-to-date and important WordPress information. This article is all about estimating the journey of WordPress in the past, present, and future!

We are not alone this time, as we got the opportunity to connect with Rich Tabor. He is a super cool designer and developer, who has been developing and launching multiple products on WordPress since 2011.

Rich is the creator of Wabi, one of the first block themes for WordPress. It’s beautiful, intuitive, and continues to receive widespread love and affection. Before we discuss this amazing piece of art, let’s understand the importance and need for WordPress block themes.

Let’s get to know the history a bit, and then move to the present and into the future, people! (Ps. find insights on Wabi and Rich’s views on where WordPress is heading in the later section(s))

Now, let’s head back to the hot topic of this article: block themes. Let’s turn back some time and understand why the block themes were needed in the first place.

Why do we need WordPress block themes? (The Past)

If you’re new to WordPress, started recently, or have been here since the dawn of the ages, Gutenberg (yes, blocks, smarty!) has revolutionized the usability and feel of working on WordPress, since it first arrived in 2018 as a part of WordPress 5.0.

Ever since the advent of WordPress in May 2003, the editor didn’t change much until recently, sticking to the open-source TinyMCE editor.

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