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Free WordPress theme detector tool helps you quickly find what WordPress theme a website is using with 100% accuracy for free. Theme finder tool makes it easier…

This Free WordPress theme detector tool helps you quickly find what WordPress theme a website is using with 100% accuracy. Yes, the answer to your question, “What WordPress theme is that?” is a click away.

Just enter the site URL in the box provided above and click detect. Within a few seconds, the tool will detect the WordPress theme of that site with every possible information about that theme.

How does the WordPress theme detector tool work?

  • Enter the URL of the website you want to decode in the box.

  • Click the “Detect Theme” button.

  • This WordPress theme detector tool reads the HTML source code of the website you entered.

  • Within a few seconds, it gives you all the information about the WordPress theme that the website is using.

What information does this WordPress theme detector tool provide?

Upon detecting the , this free WordPress theme finder tool provides the following information.

  • Name

  • Theme URL

  • Author

  • Author URL

  • Description

  • Version

  • Tags

Does this WP  detector find all website ?

If the website is built with WordPress, this tool will help you find the  of that website. But if the website is not using WordPress, then this tool will not detect the .

Why can’t you see any results after clicking detect ?

If you aren’t getting any results, it means that the URL you entered is not a WordPress website. The website might be built with Shopify, Wix, Squarespace, other alternative builders, or custom-made.

What is a WordPress ?

WordPress is a folder of files that creates the design of a website, making a site aesthetically visible to the end user. The has nothing to do with the content; it just affects how it is displayed.

There are tons of WordPress available – both free and premium. You can either choose a exclusively made for your business or go with a single multipurpose WordPress that suits any business.

How does the WordPress e detector tool help you?

Let’s say you are scrolling the web and suddenly stumble upon a website. Your eyes lit up while engaging with that website. It has a great user experience and an impressive design. As a user, you love that website, and you might even purchase their product or service.

With tens of thousands of WordPress available in the market, it’s hugely impossible to detect the exact quickly within minutes. That’s where this WordPress detector tool helps you.

Whenever you come across such websites, copy and paste the URL into the detector tool and get all the information about the .

For more information visit: https://.com/wordpress–detector/

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