Advantages of Solving GMAT Sample Questions

The GMAT exam is attempted by any individual who wishes to obtain their MBA degree at some of the prestigious B-schools in the world. This exam that is administered by the GMAC ( the official creators of the exam) can be attempted throughout the year. To do well in the exam, firstly, you should be well aware of the exam sections thoroughly and the questions asked.

The GMAT has four main sections — Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning and Integrated Reasoning. The scoring for the GMAT is on a scale of 200 to 800. You can find the section-wise split of marks in the tabular column below:


Score Range

Quantitative Reasoning

0 to 60

Integrated Reasoning

1 to 8

Analytical Writing

0 to 6

Verbal Reasoning

0 to 60

There are no specific eligibility criteria for you to attempt the GMAT exam, however, you must be at least 18 years of age to be able to register for the exam. The time duration for the GMAT is 3 and half hours inclusive of 2 optional eight-minute breaks. Since it is a computer-adaptive test, it is essential that you are well prepared for the same by practicing sufficient GMAT sample questions.

Scoring of the GMAT Exam

The GMAT scores are valid for a period of 5 years. Once you have completed the exam you will be given two options — to accept your GMAT scores or to cancel them. If you choose to accept the scores, then you will receive your unofficial scores immediately.  You can also choose to cancel or reinstate your scores after you leave the test center by paying a small fee for the same.

You will receive your official score report via mail after 20 days from the date of your exam. The official score report will have your cumulative scores in addition to the percentile score. A percentile score will help you understand your performance in comparison to other candidates who have attempted the exam earlier.

You can choose to send the GMAT scores to up to five schools and if you wish to send them to additional schools then you can pay an additional fee to send the scores.

The GMAT is no piece of cake, it requires a lot of preparation. Hence, from chalking a study plan to looking for the best study materials, taking as many mock tests as possible to solving GMAT sample questions. Your preparation has to be done well and most importantly, needs to be done consistently.

GMAT Sample Questions

Preparing for the GMAT requires hours of dedication and hard work. You must also ensure that you have appropriate study materials, a good study plan, and adequate resources to assist with your preparation. As you would be aware the GMAT comprises the following sections :

Analytical Writing – Analysis of an Argument

Verbal Reasoning – Reading Comprehension, Sentence Correction, and Critical Reasoning

Integrated Reasoning –  Multi-source Reasoning, Two-part analysis, Table Analysis, and Graphics interpretation

Quantitative Reasoning – Problem Solving and Data Sufficiency

One important method to adopt while preparing for the GMAT is to solve GMAT sample questions. There are many advantages to solving these sample papers. Some of them are listed below:

  • You get acquainted with the pattern of questions that are usually asked in the GMAT exam.

  • You will be able to analyse the time it takes to solve each question in different sections.

  • You will be aware of the varying difficulty level of the questions asked in the GMAT exam.

  • The GMAT uses adaptive testing techniques, which means that your performance in each section will determine the level of difficulty of the next section. By solving the GMAT sample question papers you will be able to maneuver your way through this section in a quicker manner.

  • The sample questions will also assist you in understanding the different types of questions that are asked in each section of the GMAT exam.

You would now be aware of the significance of the GMAT sample questions towards your GMAT preparation. It is therefore important that you spend adequate time in selecting sample questions that are authentic and credible.

Good Luck!

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