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Air Conditioner Installation To Get Rid Of Boiling Summer

Air conditioners have become a necessity in our daily lives. Increasing temperatures have created a massive demand for air conditioners.

Air conditioners have become a necessity in our daily lives. Increasing temperatures have created a massive demand for air conditioners. A whole industry has been created for air conditioners which have a monopoly over millions of customers. Need for an air conditioner is for everyone nowadays. Starting from the installation to maintenance and repair everything accompanies an air conditioner.

Air conditioner installation is one of the most essential and crucial parts. If the installation process is done air conditioner correctly will give you optimum performance, but if it is not done properly you won’t get the desired cooling effect, and there may be frequent maintenance problems of which the most prominent be the gas or for the refrigerant leakage.

An expert air conditioning technician should do the installation of an air conditioner, and the task should not be left to an inexperienced person who can go the installation process with individual faults,  as experimentation with the installation of an air conditioner is a highly risky activity because the air conditioner is a cumbersome appliance.

Various factors should have to be kept in mind during the installation of an air conditioner

Air Conditioner

  • The air conditioner should be installed at a place where the air can be distributed evenly throughout the room.

  • Installation off the AC can be located either above the bed or on the wall above your feet so that maximum cooling effect can be obtained.

  • During the installation of the AC, it should always be kept in mind that at the air conditioner is 8-10 feet from the floor so that most of the chilled air is used for cooling the room.

  • AC installation should be done in a way that it is in symmetry with the window. It should be done with high precision so that the dynamics of the room are not disturbed and the installation appears to be a part of the room.

  • While the installation, it should always be considered that at the outdoor part of the air conditioner should be in free space so that the air can flow freely over the compressor and the condenser.

  • Location of the air conditioner should be in such a place so that all the maintenance works of the compressor, condenser and other devices are easily accessible. The location should be in a way that gas filling and cleaning of the AC can be done smoothly.

  • Installation should be fixed in a way so that the controls of an air conditioner are easily accessible and one can easily clean the filters and can manually change the position of the louvers.

  • Last but not the least, the water pipe attached with the air conditioner should be left in a suitable place so that the waste-water discharge is transferred at a  place which does not creates any mess and dirt. In case of split AC s, the outdoor unit should be placed at a certain distance from the indoor unit so that the discharge of the water does not affect the outdoor unit and hence no disturbance is created in the cooling process.


AC installation charges depends upon various factors:-


 The kind of air conditioner largely determined the cost of installation. For example:- a split air conditioner module needs the installation of the indoor as well as the outdoor unit. A window type air conditioner needs the Indoor unit to be installed and the waste-water discharge pipe up to be fixed properly.


Air Conditioning

Cost of the air conditioner will widely vary upon the size of the air conditioner as the installation charges of a1.5 ton AC mostly very from a 2.5-ton air conditioner as the technician staff required will increase and hence, the cost of labor will also gradually increase.


The cost of the installation of an air conditioner will also be determined at the place where it has to be installed as if additional ductwork is required, or any technician inspection is there.


Different brands offer different installation charges based on their offers and schemes.

Some companies also have some offers which give free installation service on the purchase of air conditioners, while some have certain charges.

The cost of re-installation of an air conditioner is undoubtedly higher than installing it at the first time because re-installation requires first the air conditioner to be de-attached from its previous location and again installed at the customers desired place.

However, the general ac installation cost of the air conditioner varies between 500 to 800. There are many online websites which provide the service for installation of air conditioners by booking online at their portals. They provide easy and convenient services performed under-trained technicians with a token of guarantee.

Installation is a complex activity and requires a perfect technique to be performed so that no scope of a fault it emerges.

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