All You Need to Know about Ceramic Subway Tiles

All You Need to Know about Ceramic Subway Tiles

The ceramic subway tiles are a staple of modern kitchens and baths. These tiles have been around since the 1900s when they were introduced in the subway stations of New York. The Ceramic Subway Tiles can be cleaned easily, they are resistant to any kind of stain, they are light-reflective, and measure around 3-by-6 inches. These glazed white rectangles have been attracting people since they came into the market. Interestingly, the discounted ceramic subway tiles that we get in the market today are the perfect elements to accentuate the bathrooms and kitchens of prewar houses, making them practical and aesthetically appealing.

Even after centuries of being in the market, ceramic subway tiles are still the perennial favorite for many people. Today’s discounted ceramic subway tiles are not only affordable to buy but also come in a variety of striking colors and finishes that go well with any kind of home décor. Moreover, this type of tiles are not only limited to only kitchens and baths but also people are extensively using them in their laundry rooms, mudrooms, fireplace surrounds, etc.

The popularity of ceramic subway tiles has increased a lot now. Manufacturers consider any rectangular tile which has its length double than its height, from 4-by-8 inch planks to 1-by-2 mosaics, as the ceramic subway tiles but that’s not correct! We have to be cautious to make sure that we are purchasing the right ceramic subway tiles. The real ceramic subway tiles are tough. The experts say that they can remain intact even if the adhesive or grout that is used to install them has to be replaced.

What is the Cost to Install Ceramic Subway Tile for One Square Foot?

The cost of ceramic subway tiles varies a lot. When it comes to the budget field tile, it can cost you $ 2 for one square foot and it increases up to $ 50 or more when it comes to handmade artisan subway tile. One square foot comprises 3-by-6 inch subway tiles, eight in number.

If you want to ensure that you have enough ceramic subway tile to cover your entire project, you need to first measure how much project space you are having, round that area to the highest square foot close to its value, and add 10% to 15% to cover all the upcoming waste, cuts, and breakage.

Ceramic Subway Tiles: Colors, Edges, and Finishes

There is a wide array of colors available in ceramic subway tiles that are as diverse as a rainbow. All you need to do is just select the right color according to the overall look and feel of your room. The color that you will choose should be able to add an element of energy and attractiveness to the other elements of the room, including the wall paint and the shade of the floor.

Ceramic subway tiles have an overall square edge. The sides of these tiles have round edges that are soft and beveled. The sides of this kind of tile slope away from the face, giving the ceramic subway tiles a high-end sculptural quality.

Moreover, these tiles don’t only come in different colors, they have a variety of finishes as well. Mostly, the glaze is applied by hands in ceramic subway tiles to create subtle tonal variations in a finished wall. The ceramic subway tiles have an eased bevel and crackle finish that make them look distinctive. Moreover, the ends of such tiles appear to be little contoured which creates an extraordinary grout line.

Ceramic Subway Tiles: Layout and Pattern Options

The overall presentation and look of the ceramic subway tiles depend on how they are laid out. The major patterns are Vertical, Herringbone, Running Bond, and Stacked.

Why are Ceramic Subway Tiles so Long-Lasting?

  • The Backing is Strong and Stable
  • The Patterns of Ceramic Subway Tiles Avoid Weird Cuts
  • These tiles are straight and flat
  • The finished walls of these tiles get a constant maintenance

How Can You Buy the Best Ceramic Subway Tiles?

Firstly, explore the website of the manufacturer to look for the best but don’t forget to order samples before finally buying it. Some brick and mortars provide free samples to be used overnight or you can even buy them with just a few extra bucks. Next, make sure to check if the tile is looking good with the décor and lighting of your kitchen or bathroom.

There are many tile makers out there who sell ceramic subway tiles in dedicated showrooms. You can even go for made-to-order tiles but they might take a long time to arrive. So, make sure you are selecting in advance if your kitchen or bathroom renovation project is time-sensitive.

So, what are you waiting for?

Purchase the best ceramic subway tiles now and take your bathroom’s and kitchen’s look to the next level!

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