Analytical CRM: 5 Tools That Can Assist

If you have recently started an entrepreneurship journey, you’d know how important your customers are for the company. Thus, CRM is indeed a prerequisite.

Regardless of the size, every business requires improving customer relationships to strive for success. If you have recently started an entrepreneurship journey, you’d know how important your customers are for the company. Thus, a customer relationship management system or CRM is indeed a prerequisite for driving small-scale business development. Choosing such a system for your growth in entrepreneurship is a giant leap. But how will you know whether the CRM tool is worth the investment? 


The intuitive customer relationship management system stores and manages information of customers and prospects. By generating the lead, CRM software lets the marketing team find newer customers speedily. It works wonders during the times when you experience the following impediments to business growth: 


  • When customer data is difficult to locate 

  • When you’re not able to tally business growth 

  • For managing long-term and valuable accounts 

  • When you don’t know what your sales team are doing 

  • During time-consuming reporting procedures 


You can find the best CRM tool for all the problems mentioned above and beyond by comparing CRM systems at DigitalSupermarket. And after a whole lot of comparison, we have compiled the five most effective CRM tools for your small-scale business. Simplify your business complications by selecting any of the following software. Let’s dive into the details to learn more! 



Being a prominent Customer Relation Management software, Pipedrive allows salespersons to make unstoppable moves. The prime purpose of the tool was to initiate maximum output with minimum input. Even today, it helps organize the business and increases productivity. It also lets you improve the workflow besides offering an excellent email integration and sales pipeline. 


The main USP of the system is to provide practical strategies for setting a goal, contact history, mobile App, and API. You can use a customized version of Pipedrive that supports multi-environment with day and night (24*7) support. Get decent reporting services alongside maps integration, data import, export, and email tracking. Some of the USPs include: 


  • Client-centric and simple UI 

  • The decent support team for sales 

  • Automates data and is powerful 



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The sales and marketing platform of Creatio comes with data analytics tools for tracking leads. It can set parameters and evaluate the overall coverage of the prospective and existing customers in the database. With the software’s analytics tools, you can: 


  • Optimize campaigns 

  • Evaluate marketing efficacy 

  • Identify bottlenecks 

  • Measure conversion rates via lead management method 

  • Obtain a 360-degree view of the ongoing sales and marketing efforts 


Besides, you can get data integration solutions with media accounts. Another USP of the CRM tool is its time and lead management service with built-in calendar and export functions. It also delivers sales management for growth and supports multi-environment with Android and IOS apps. 



Act! Insight offers users graphical and interactive analytics dashboards that guide decision-making. Its dashboard encompasses snapshots of real-time customization, personalized filters, and metrics. Besides, it also includes built-in dashboard views that cover business performance and individual teams. 


The platform pulls data around all entities of the tool. As a company, you can use the tool to monitor the KPIs on marketing, sales, and business growth. Want to know more about ‘Act! Insight’ tool? It’s the best time to consult the professionals. 



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Salesforce CRM 


Being one of the leading cloud-based tools globally, Salesforce offers unique CRM solutions to make businesses utilize successfully for business requirements – from large enterprises to startups. The cloud-based platform is scalable and extremely simple to use. You can customize it and get a foundation for future business expansion and improvements.  


Salesforce CRM assists in understanding customer needs, identifying new approaches to assist, resolving issues faster, and delivering a smooth and clean setup. The tool offers markets and communities leads and sales; helps in supporting email integration and running applications seamlessly. Assisting in the forecasting and being equipped with real-time visualization, analytics, and chatter keeps customers engaged. 



In the 21st century, HubSpot serves the most authentic CRM experience to convert potential customers into leads. The platform has garnered immense popularity and recently has created a diverse impact on the clientele. Due to the capabilities and mechanism, it serves the businesses with gold. Most clients get attracted to its functionalities because a wide range of features is free to use! 


HubSpot’s simplified platform enables clientele to start without changing too much of the interface quickly. It’s fast and straightforward and, most importantly, has significant features required to improve customer engagement. HubSpot undoubtedly offers the most amazing CRM integration. Another significant aspect is that it’s powerful and flexible to use due to the following features: 


  • It gives a customization option, board for jobs 

  • Synchronizes the overall marketing department 

  • Features a decent mobile, website, and email integration system 

  • Manages pipeline with utmost visibility 

  • Automatically logs each activity and checks information about contacts in a single place 


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What’s The Next Step? 


Before you select the right CRM system for business growth, it’s imperative to consider whether or not you require one. And to speak in simple words, regardless of your business size, having business data and customer information under one umbrella simplifies your business tasks.  


So, opting for a CRM tool is always an efficient move for your business. By eliminating the desperate trawls via the inbox, a CRM system gives your customers a superior experience. Thus, without wasting time, choose any CRM tools out of the five stated above and see the difference yourself! 


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