Arenas & Strategies to Derive the Best of Gamification Techniques

Increase Brand Trust by getting real consumer advocates sharing reviews, recommendations, referrals, social media conversations, word of mouth.

FYI: The Gamification market will be over US$2.8 billion by 2019-2020, which is almost a 10-fold increase in a span of a mere three years.

That’s not all! According to a marketing manager of a leading MNC –

“Gamification is not a new concept, it has been present for a considerable time but not exploited in a correct format. Also, competition is a powerful driver towards engagement and the ranking on the leaderboard is very important.”

First things first – What is gamification?

First things first – What is gamification?

Technically speaking, gamification is a perspective of service marketing, wherein a specific service is extended via certain gaming experiences. In this way, a better connection can be framed with the concerned parties (client base), and overall value creation of users can be rated accordingly.

For any corporate, this is not just a strategy to increase customer base, but also understand their demands and act accordingly. In today’s times, the online domain increases the possibility of using gaming techniques to engage customers turning instructions into simulations to demonstrate the quality of your products.

Trying out products and finalizing the same in the virtual world has become the talk of consumer engagement in today’s times. Therefore, it is important to note down the arenas wherein this strategy will be used and how to use the same. (

Arenas to use this strategy

  • Gamification and Marketing techniques

In this format, the corporates can insert numerous virtual coupons into mobile games. In another process, they can also include these coupons in their websites as per regular marketing strategy.

  • Gamification and Customer Engagement

There can be no better way to engage customers than gaming, especially when you have to note the same! From introducing customers to a new range of products to upgrading their tastes to its newer versions, demonstration of its features – this gaming technique is the easiest mode to engage customers to a specific product (the website in extension).

  • Gamification and Customer Loyalty 

This technique can be a great way to test the loyalty of customers by asking them for feedback and making referrals and offering tokens.

Therefore, you know the areas where this strategy works in the best manner. Now, it is time to note the strategies that you will have to use.

The strategies to consider

To start with –

Organize a friendly competition

Who doesn’t like a challenge? Many of the corporates have inducted this format to beat its opponents and take the crown. Whether it is in the form of simple games or loyalty challenges – make it entertaining to the core! After all, this will add up to your onboarding strategy!

Give special offers for important occasions

Just like challenges, a gift or two on important occasions is loved by one and all! Therefore, to engage more clients into your domain, never miss out on birthdays, anniversaries or any such important occasions. You stand with your client on their special – rest assured they will be with you!

Gamification is not merely a strategy – it is a format of weaving elements into the loyalty framework and leveraging the same for maximum benefit.

So, you are aware of the manner in which corporates can utilize gamification. And now, clearly, you need to choose the correct brand advocate agency to help your company reach that concerned potential.

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