Augmented Reality Application for Smart Cities

Today in this article, we will be enlightening the most trending technology Augmented Reality and their role in smart cities.

In the digital era, smart cities are not confined to proper infrastructure. A well functional city demand high tech facilities. Now, smart city refers to robust integration of cutting-edge technologies such as IoT, Augmented Reality and Blockchain. The technology world has become advanced and connected.

AR helps cities to turn into modern cities, and offers the user a chance to explore smart cities more smartly. 

As per the reports 2017, several cities are declared as an urban hub and in the future, they will set as an example of high tech and smart cities. The overall ranking is: 

  1. New York 

  2. London 

  3. Paris

Undoubtedly, AR technology has transformed cities into smart urban areas. It is known as an upliftment in the computing industry. Let’s have a look at which aspects an AR technology is influencing the smart cities.

Know how AR Technology Brings Smart Cities 

E-governance into E-Services 

Augmented Reality Application cities tech

Those days are gone, when people were forced to stand in the long queues to complete their official work. Now, through AR devices people can access, view and complete their government requirements from anywhere in the world. Citizens are enabled to connect and can complete the government formalities with only simple clicks from all over the world. 

Explore the City in 3D view Via Navigation 

In the contemporary era, to reach any destination our foremost step is to figure out the place on our smartphones. We use to explore the place and directions on smartphones. Navigation helps people to commute from one place to another easily in terms of directions as well as in the view. 

Users can explore the place in a 3D view that attracts them. AR applications help users to reach the location while tapping on their mobile screen and can reach the desired location safely and without any confusion. 

Rescue during Natural Disaster

Augmented Reality

AR devices are proved as the best rescue during a natural disaster. It is the best way to transfer the wireless information. During a natural disaster like a flood, wires used to get submerged and use of them can be another danger zone. 

So, in this case, AR-based smart glasses can help rescue teams to identify the situation and resolve it by experiencing the real threats.

Medical Services 

Smart cities not only focus on improving the standard of living but also works on a resident’s human health. Now, people are conscious of their health more. It is not imperative to visit the doctor, again and again, some orthopedic mobile app based on AR helps the patient to understand their actual condition. 

Even there are some AR-based wearable devices like smart-watches that help the patient in their day to day life. 


In the digital world, before visiting any place people use to explore it on internet. With AR technology, culture and heritage can be explored in a smart way across the globe. Along with this, it offers a powerful exposure. Viewers can view the arts, monuments, and palaces with a 3D dimensional view, which forces tourists to visit the real-time place. Virtually, it has been presented with all the required infrastructure. 

On the side, users can give suggestions that how it can be improved and developed more. 

AR in Education 

The integration of AR technology in education has transformed the education sector. Now, students can visualize the real-time situation, which helps them to take more interest in a particular subject. It also clears the real-time picture, as well as AR, which is an innovative way to increase knowledge of the students. 

AR technology makes learning easier and more understandable for the students which helps them to grow rapidly. Obviously, if the youth will grow and become knowledgeable so cities will automatically change into the smart hub. 


Many developed countries have integrated the latest AR technology and it helped them in many ways. Hence, trending ar app development has reduced the gaps as well as introduced faster and smarter working process. It has a strong ability to transform the living style of human beings. 

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