Avoid These Regular Decorating Mistakes

It can be fun and rewarding if you remember one simple thing- everyone makes mistakes.

It isn’t as simple as the designers and decorators make it look on our favorite shows. Putting together the flawless room, one that you love and love to show off, isn’t a quick project, but it can be fun and rewarding if you remember one simple thing- everyone makes mistakes. However, if you pay attention to these most usually made mistakes you are by now steps ahead of the game.

Choose Your Paint Color LAST

Paint Color

It is much tougher to match hues in accessories and upholstery fabrics, so the smart pick is, to begin with, those. You want your hues to flow through the house, but so many colors can be spotty and take away from all the other good things you have done. A good rule of thumb is not to choose more than 3 colors for your walls. Discovering a color you like and picking two more shades of that color will offer you a nice pallet to work from.

Lighting Makes Your Space

Lighting Space

The ideal lighting for a room is essential. You need to layer your light and pay attention to the light your room requires as the day progresses. You want to comprise overhead light, task light, natural light, and accent lighting in your plan. You wish to make use of dimmer switches so you can change the ambiance of your room with the flip of a switch. Maybe you would prefer it a little darker for watching TV or relaxing. Occasionally you are going to want it to be brighter for doing homework with the kids or for reading your favorite book. Take as much time doing your lighting plan as you do your decor plan. Everything from the type of bulb to the lampshade style touches a room’s lighting, make sure you consider it!

Don’t Make Impulse Buys

Just because it seems great in the store, does not mean it will look great in your room. Do your design first on paper and then move the pieces you by now own into the position you think they should be in your design. Look for the areas where you want a new piece and ensure to measure the space and really think about your procurements. You may pick to live with a new item for years- make sure you will love it as much 6 months to a year from now. Make sure it is a true love affair and not just a fling!

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