Provisional Patent

Baffled on Choosing between Permanent & Provisional Patent?

It is hard to invent a new thing or even to analyze the existing ideas without any knowledge in the field. But it is never an impossible task for anything, so everyone has to be ready to grab when the idea or the possibility is available. So the first lesson for you is to know what is what, if you get a clear vision about that then you are all set to choose what patent you want to file for your business. So let’s know the difference between the provisional and the permanent patent.

Provisional Patent

First, let’s know about the provisional patent. There is no such thing called a Provisional patent but it is known as Provisional Patent Application (PPA), which is a basic report of your product or say your invention to help a secure a date to prioritize your invention. The patent lapses next year from the date of registration, following this you need to submit a non-provisional patent application in order to secure the rights of the priority of the invention from the date you filled your invention. Now raises the question that what are priority rights?

While filing for the provisional application, you have to ensure that you are claiming the rights of ‘first to file’ by providing a basic disclosure of the invention that you are filing for, along with this you have to provide a disclosure for the non provisional application within same year that you file the non provisional filing, by which the invention is explained in much detail. There are a lot of procedures that need to be done in order to register in the respected governing body. The professional patent is the beginning and the non-professional needs to be done in order to protect the invention.

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When it comes to registering a company, many people are not aware of this information. For the companies that are located in the location that falls in the administration of the Indian government then the answer to the question that many have will be answered here, ‘where to register a company?’ for any company that comes under to the corporate identity, then they all need to register the company in the governing body called MCA, which stands for Ministry of External Affairs. Now due to the advancement of the technology, all who wants to register a corporate company can register online in the official website of the department.

What is a Provisional Patent?

In order to understand the concept lets have some scenarios as an example, consider you have received a patent for a dog toy. Like every invention, the patent only lasts for just one year and provides the inventor to have an opportunity to conduct researches or even to finish the invention before the non-provisional patent application is filed for the patent. The appropriate government body needs to take necessary actions to provide patent to the applied invention. Since the patent is valid only for the year that is applied the petitioner needs to repeat the same process in the name of renewal for the next year’s patent.
Provisional Patent business

What is Permanent Patent?

As for a dog toy that you have invented, you are allowed to test the slits and the holes of the toy sizes to identify the best that works for the dogs. This is to identify and enhance the services that are matching best to the customers. The provisional patent application is designed in the form of a very loosely developed. Filing a provisional patent for a product costs low and has very fewer formalities. One can easily sketch out the product and describe different kinds of products and work on finding the best product that reaches the customers very well in the market. And the inventor is allowed to working on the variations and the holes that are associated in the product with silts or the variations including as separately or with the combination of both.
Provisional Patent business

While filing for a patent consider these three things in mind as this comes in handy for anyone.

•    Does the invention work?

•    Does anyone want to make the product that protects?

•    Is the product worth the expenses?

Keep these three in mind in your perspective and the customer perspective to have an overall best outcome and before filing for the patent.

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