Bahria Paradise Karachi

Why is Bahria Paradise Karachi the Perfect Option for Investment?

Karachi being the corporate and civic hub of the country beholds the prestige of some great investment options. One of them is the ultimate symbol of architectural excellence, Bahria Town Karachi. It is not only an ideal location to plan your future lifestyle but also an interesting profit generating scheme.  Having many sub-projects, Bahria Paradise Karachi is indeed a big investment platform with a great potential for profit.

Being the largest private real estate company, the authenticity of Bahria Town is enough to trust the investment plan. Although there are many investment options available in Bahria Paradise Karachi as it is such a vast project, Bahria Paradise Karachi has its own value and worth.Bahria Paradise Karachi is a unique and one of the most dominating parts of the project. By investing in Bahria Paradise Karachi, one can really benefit from its brand image and high ROI.

What’s So Unique about Bahria Paradise Karachi?

Bahria Paradise KarachiThere are solid reasons for Bahria Paradise Karachi to be on top of the list of potential investments. Bahria Paradise Karachi is not an ordinary real estate project. It is in fact, the result of experimentation to provide extreme recreational facilities in a housing society. There are many unique elements of amusement and facility which has  been added to the project such as Central Park, Harlem  Meer Water, Flower Garden, Untermeyer fountain, Pools, The Great Hill, Tenniscenter,Open air theater, Skating Track, Turtle Pound,Zoo,Conservatory Park,Lakes and ponds and covered 64 Acre wide area.

Following are other facilities in this mega project by Bahria Town

  • Hyatt Regency, the very first branded gold resort in Pakistan
  • Rafi Stadium, the largest cricket stadium in Pakistan
  • The first ever 36-hole GPA standard golf course of Pakistan
  • State of the art hospital
  • An international standard theme park – first of its kind in the country – as well as a carnival park and night safari
  • One of the top private educational institutes in the country, the Roots Millennium School
  • A world class gym

These facilities are not only beneficial for the people who plan to live there but also for the investors as it increases project’s ROI.

Easy Installment Plan

DespiteBahriaParadise Karachi being a high-end project, there are very easy plans available for buying and investment. With the help of some trusted official agents of Bahria Town, such as Haroon Estate  &Builder one can easily find a good spot in Bahria Paradise Karachi. This is indeed very important as only authorized dealers can help you avail the best chances. Besides Bahria Paradise booking procedure, there is even4-year installment plan available for the investors to keep the financial control in their hand. Such a compatible financial plan cannot be found anywhere else in any other real estate project. On the other hand, the fact that Bahria Paradise Karachi Paradise Karachi is considerably a  fresh project; increases the chances of evaluation and benefit.Also, there are various options available for investing in the project.

  • Investment in Bahria Paradise 250, 500 and 1000 Square Yard Plots
  • Investment in Bahria Paradise 500 Square Yard Villas


Bahria Paradise Karachi has an ideal location. It is located in Precinct-16 in Bahria Paradise Karachi. It ’s merely 4km away from the Super Highway.Bahria Paradise Site location in Bahria Town is very attractive as it is not much far away from Bahria Town’s main entrance, near Grand Jamia Masjid. Bahria Paradise is inspired by the central park which makes the society more naturally beautiful and environment-friendly. In short, Bahria Paradise is indeed a dream project for anyone who wants to benefit from it.

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