TVS Diode

Basic Introduction to TVS Diode

This article introdues you the basic concept of tvs diode, tvs diode classification and features.

TVS diodes, also known as transient suppression diodes, are a new class of high-efficiency circuit protection devices that have extremely fast response times (sub-nanoseconds) and high surge absorption. When its two ends are subjected to an instantaneous high-energy impact, the TVS can change the impedance between the two ends from high impedance to low impedance at a very high speed to absorb a large instantaneous current and clamp the voltage across it. A predetermined value protects the subsequent circuit components from transient high voltage spikes.

TVS diode classification and features:

TVS diode

TVS diode classification:
TVS devices can be divided into unipolar and bipolar according to their polarities. According to their applications, they can be divided into general-purpose devices and special-purpose devices suitable for various circuits. Such as: a variety of AC voltage protectors, 4 ~ 200mA current environmental protection, data line protectors, coaxial cable protectors, telephone protectors. According to the package and internal structure can be divided into: axial lead diode, dual in-line TVS array (for multi-line protection), patch, component and high-power modular.

TVS diode features:

(1) Adding the TVS diode to the signal and power line can prevent the microprocessor or the microcontroller from malfunctioning due to the instantaneous fat impulse, such as the electrostatic discharge effect, the surge of the AC power supply, and the noise of the switching power supply.
(2) The electrostatic discharge effect can release pulses exceeding 10000V and above 60A, and can last for 10ms; while the general TTL device will cause damage when it encounters a 10V pulse of more than 30ms. With the TVS diode, it can effectively absorb the pulse that will cause damage to the device and eliminate the interference caused by the switch between the buses (Crosstalk).
(3) Place the TVS diode between the signal line and the ground to avoid unnecessary noise from the data and control bus.

Here is a more detailed introduction to tvs diode:

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