Basketball Backyard Court

We are your professional basketball court builders in US. Our basketball court construction ranges anywhere from a Mini 3-pointer to a full-sized court. Interesting court designs helps you to get the maximum experience needed to increase your game. For line-marking your court, we follow the same guidelines set out by FIBA. We have your best interests at heart when designing and constructing your court. If you’re someone who loves to play at basketball backyard court or if you’d love to get into basketball, there is no better way than with your own backyard court. It will increase the value of your property. Basketball court in your backyard encourages families to spend more time outside being active and taking a break from technology, job stress. Have fun with your kids, get a little exercise and help improve their hand/eye coordination. A basketball court in your backyard provides a safe and sound area for your children to hang out with their friends. Your house will be the go-to place on weekends; day and night. The kids can play with their basketball friends during the day and you can easily transform the space into a dance floor for parties at night.


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