Beautiful House

Having a Beautiful House on a Budget

Being on a budget doesn’t mean you need to compromise on beauty in your home. Here are some saving and decorating ideas to inspire the budget-conscious homeowner.

Beautiful homes usually have a pleasing ambiance and are more comfortable to live in. It’s good to know that beautifying the home doesn’t necessitate a big budget. You can opt for mini renovations or make small additions that give your home’s interiors and exteriors a quick and cost-effective makeover.

Small Additions

Sometimes, the smallest additions or decorations are those that make the most difference. Smaller decorations such as a bunch of colorful flowers or a well-placed painting can create a focal point in a room. Along with flowers, paintings, framed photos and artworks, change window dressings and use colorful rugs to vary and enrich the look of your rooms.


Walls take up most of the permanent surfaces in a room, and as such, they can be used to bring color and interest to your home’s spaces. A coat of paint is one of the cheapest yet most dramatic ways to change a room’s appearance. Other options for walls include wallpaper, panelling, and even a landscape mural for a truly unique wall if you have an artistic streak.


Flooring can add to the comfort of a space and boost the aesthetic appearance of a room. Flooring options vary from polished wooden floorboards to vinyl or linoleum. There’s also elegant stone tiling, cement tiles and paving for the outdoors, modular carpet tiles (which are easy to install), and Eco-friendly options like cork boards.


Lighting is another fast and cheap way to boost the beauty of your interior and exterior living spaces. Use a combination of lighting options, such as combining overhead lights with portable lamps, to highlight specific areas in the room.

Lighting fixtures and accessories can be changed to suit the purpose of a room and to bring warm or cool lighting into the room. For example, white lighting tends to be cooler, while yellow or gold lighting can make the colours in your rooms warmer.

Lighting also has a utilitarian benefit by supporting you and your family to make better use of different exterior and interior spaces, whether it’s reading, cooking, or enjoying an outdoor barbecue.

Funding Your Mini Renovations

You can fund your ‘mini renovations’ by cutting back on household expenditure items. For example, doing a gas or electricity switch could see you saving hundreds or more on your utility bills. Other ways to save more on your household bills include:

  • Bundling utilities – Some utilities, such as the Internet and phone, can be bundled for a cheaper rate. Do research to see how much you can save with different types of bundled packages.
  • Entertainment and eating out – Entertainment and eating out are two discretionary spending categories that can usually be cut back with ease. Eat at home more often. Opt for free or cheap entertainment and leisure activities, like having a barbecue at the park with family and friends, rather than a movie session or going to the bar.
  • Small expenditure items – Watch the small expenditure items in your household. The daily coffee and junk food/snacks could be cut back to help you save hundreds or thousands of dollars a year.

Setting up a budget and tracking your spending is usually the best way to obtain a clear picture of where your household money is going and to save more effectively.

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