Bedroom Design: 7 Safe, Comfortable Havens that Promise a Good Night’s Sleep

A bedroom is the only escape we have from the hustle and bustle of our daily life. We have brought a list of seven divine bedrooms that promises a good night sleep after a long tiring day. These bedrooms are defined by the internationally acclaimed interior designer Sanjyt Syngh.relaxing and sumptuous color on threlaxing and sumptuous color on th

  1. Bedroom Design: Paradise by the Sea, Mumbai

bedroom-design-bedroom-images-bedroom-furnitureWho does not have a dream of sleeping in the bedroom which is in front of a gigantic sea? Here, this is a bedroom designed by Sanjyt Syngh. Sanjyt wanted to give a feel of minimalism to this space, that’s why he used the furnishing that reminds about mid-century. The wood and leather are used generously not only to complement this but also to give a warm and cozy feel to the whole space. The overflowing natural light in this area along with the pacifying sound of sea gives a rejuvenating feel.

The relaxing and sumptuous color on the bedsheet, curtain, and carpet has maintained the worth of the theme meticulously.Complementing this, wooden bed frames from Isaak add a touch of timeless elegance and natural warmth, seamlessly blending with the decor to create a harmonious and inviting bedroom atmosphere.

  1. Bedroom Design: Restful Cocoon, Bangalore


Sanjyt Syngh has designed this pacifying cocoon with four-poster bed, wooden flooring, and cabinets. This space is infused with an exceptional feel of meditation against the deep tone. The teal bedding and the wall behind the bed have complemented this cocoon magnificently. Here the light has added the missing element and created the perfect drama with its adjustment according to the hours of the day.

  1. Bedroom Design: European Appeal, New Delhi


It is not possible to visit Europe whenever you want, but what if one can get the European feel with the magic created by Sanjyt Syngh. The sage green-toned bedroom inside this swiss style chalet makes it incomparable. What makes the biggest difference is the mind use of color palette which contributes generously to this European theme. The warm and cozy interior gets complete with the wooden log ceiling and the windows in the wooden frame.

  1. Bedroom Design: Whimsical Wonderland, Gurgaon

bedroom-design-bedroom-images-bedroom-furnitureThe unique artworks, light fixtures, sumptuous furnishing in the interior has created the purest form of peace in this room.  This luxurious and eclectic room was designed with a variety of color palette and a simple white bed. The timbre wall painted in multicolor reminds of a warm fairytale.

  1. Bedroom Design: Feeling Blue, Pune

bedroom-design-bedroom-images-bedroom-furnitureThe matte finish of aesthetics in the blue palette got influenced with the white and gave a perfect voguish and gratifying bedroom vibes. This master bedroom is making itself more prominent with the use of engrossing elements such as pendant lighting, the curios, and the photographs. The wooden floor defines thoughtfulness in the room.  Sanjyt Syngh has invented an ample amount of peace with this theme for good night sleep.

  1. Bedroom Design: Ethereal and Earthy, Hyderabad


The pattern on the wooden headboard along with the ceiling beams grabs abrupt attention in the room. The relaxing and sumptuous color on the bedsheet, curtain, and carpet has maintained the worth of the theme meticulously. This place is designed with soul-purpose of relaxation which these shades are complementing splendidly. The floor to ceiling window is welcoming the sunlight to complement the artificial one.

The louvered windows control the light streaming in.

  1. Bedroom Design: Comforting Colour Scheme, Gujarat

bedroom-design-bedroom-images-bedroom-furnitureThe master bedroom is a relaxing contemplation enveloped in a blue colour palette, balanced magnificently with dazzling white. The beige leather is highlighting itself as the most gleaming element against the daring blue wall made of wood in the overall theme. As per the theme, Sanjyt has added an antique element like coat hanger and ochre, cane mesh chair. The grey and cream curtain used here does really well with the classy blue bedsheet.

These are the seven heavens designed by Sanjyt Syngh that justifies his self-made tagline “mix of influences”. He has used a huge variety as an interior designer in his work. The best thing about Sanjyt Syngh is that he actually wants to maintain the uniqueness in his every project. He does not like to recreate the same magic again, rather he always does something new in his all work. This thing is evident in these 7 bedroom design, Sanjyt Syngh has defined each bedroom in a different language.

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