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5 Must-Have Bedding Sets That Every Bedroom Needs

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You have probably spent a fortune in buying your own house and are now looking forward to decorate it. Every room in your home holds a special place in your heart – the living room where you watch TV and meet visitors, the kitchen where you cook, the study where your work and last but not the least, the bedroom where you spend the most part of your life, either sleeping or relaxing.

Since the bedroom is the place that is dearest to your heart, you would surely like to decorate it tastefully and with care, so that it reflects your personality and who you are.

Begin by listing out the most important items in your bedroom – the bed, the couch, the carpet and the curtains. See what you can do with each item, so that it matches with the color of your walls and gels with the furniture in your bedroom, such as the wardrobe, the cupboard, the bookshelf and the table.

As far as your bed is concerned choose at least 5 different bedding sets. Some people Buy Lace Bedding Sets to add variety to their collection.

Which color and type of bedding sets are the most popular?

Grey color

bedroom Grey color

Grey is a great color for a bedding set, especially if you prefer to have a mix between a black and white shade, or if you have pieces of furniture that are black in color. In that sense, grey mixes quite well with other shades.

Some people find grey color dull and so prefer to stay away from it, whereas others find it classy. They like to experiment with different shades of grey in order to give their bedrooms a look of sophistication and elegance. For example, pleasant shades of grey can make your bedroom look chic and fresh.

White color

Monochromatic look Bedroom

White color bedding sets are the most popular. The simple reason is that white is a highly versatile color that matches with any and every color. It offers immense scope for experimentation and for mixing and matching. As an example, you may prefer to keep the bed sheets white and throw in a mix of colors or patterns.

Some people try to use a pattern or an eye-catching color in contrast with white. This also works wonders and can change the look of your room. This means you do not have to always go for bland or plain white bed sheets.

Lace bedding sets

It is good idea to buy lace bedding sets in case you wish to add variety. Here again white color is the most popular one. The typical bedding set has a feminine, shabby chic style and comes with elegant and delicate layers of ruffle that give it a charming and pretty look.

Dark color

 bedroom Dark color

Dark colors such as blue, green, brown, black and red are generally considered as warm and bold colors and add coziness to your room. They are considered as mood changers and make you feel relaxed. Try and experiment by mixing and matching two dark colors like blue and black. This will create a monochrome look and make your room appear livelier.

Pattern design bedding sets

 bedroom Dark color

Exercise care when it comes to choosing patterns, since patterns can either make, or mar the look of your bedroom. Large patterns tend to clash with your furniture and make your room appear uncoordinated.

Secondly, don’t buy bedding sets that have large prints, as they will make your room look smaller. The best option is to choose a timeless, sophisticated pattern; for example, vintage polka dots, floral trail, paisleys etc. These designs tend to balance the overall look in your bedroom.


Whether you buy lace bedding set, or printed bedding set or bedding set in solid colors, just ensure that it gels with your bedroom and the furniture.

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