Begin Your Crypto Currency Journey from Scratch

Cryptocurrencies have been gaining popularity over the past few years. Many people are curious about this new form of money and how it works.

The initiation of Crypto began a long time ago, but it had to break numerous stigmas and taboos to become a globally accepted digital currency. It is one of the most talked about topics currently. 

While half the population is talking about the advantages and disadvantages of Cryptocurrency, the other half is still trying to figure out what Cryptocurrency is actually about.

This article discusses the definition of Cryptocurrency and how to start your cryptocurrency journey from scratch. 

Definition of Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a completely digitalized currency used and stored online. It is a decentralized currency that allows the direct transfer of money without any intermediary in the transaction. 

Cryptocurrency comes from the word encryption which means protection with coding scripts. It is encrypted with complex coding scripts that protect the payment process and makes it secure with transactions and storage. 

The Government does not play a significant role in Cryptocurrency; therefore, the production is quite unregulated, thus making Crypto quite different from physical currencies. 

The technology used to create Cryptocurrency is blockchain technology which stores data and protects it from theft. 

Some Keywords of Cryptocurrency

Before going into the functioning of Cryptocurrency, you must know some terminologies of Cryptocurrency: 

  1. Terra: Terra has become popular recently. It was created to achieve a stable digital economy. 

  2. Bitcoin: Probably the most popular term related to Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is one of the first Cryptocurrencies to record transactions. 

  3. Apecoin: Apecoin is also a type of Cryptocurrency that gained popularity due to its terrific performance in NFTs. 

  4. Ethereum: Ethereum is another popular Cryptocurrency that gained momentum recently. 

  5. Uniswap: Uniswap is a Cryptocurrency that speeds up the transaction process and directly connects the buyer to the seller. 

The Functioning of Cryptocurrency

  1. Cryptocurrency works like a credit card. It runs on a public ledger that stores, updates, and transaction records. This public ledger is also known as a blockchain. 

  2. The transaction records the money sent and received. However, it does not record the people involved in the transaction. You can learn more about the transactions on Crypto with a cryptocurrency course online that provides all the necessary information about Cryptocurrency in detail. 

  3. Cryptocurrency is quite particular with security. Therefore, it has a system of providing a private key and a password that you must put in before accessing crypto coins. 

  4. Cryptocurrency also validates the existence of already existing currencies while including new currencies. 


We have discussed the primary processes of how Cryptocurrency functions. Due to its increasing popularity, it is vital to know about Cryptocurrency. You can learn more about it in a cryptocurrency education course. 

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