Being a student in the life of covid-19

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The word ‘classroom’ draws different images for each of us. For those of us who have spent our childhoods going to school and college in a physical space, the words are usually ‘black board’, ‘ringing of the bell’, ‘canteens’ and so on. But for an increasing group of people, especially the youngsters of today, the word now draws up images of laptops, online tests, online PT classes and much more.

The pandemic has brought over a sea change in all aspects of our lives. With daily lives and routines getting bungled during the lockdown, the internet has come to the rescue of many. And Education is no different. Students of today are now more receptive and in acceptance of how technology has opened their classrooms. Granted, the virtual world is not always rosy, but the online classroom scenario has made it possible for students to get access to education from all corners of the world, and to understand the range of their curriculum in a truly holistic manner.

Lockdown fatigue is real. Staring at a computer with no other human interaction can be exhausting and even boring. Social interactions are minimal and physical movement is almost next to nothing. But tiding over the gloomy times, there are many ways in which online classes can be treated as something that are helpful, unique, and eye-opening. While online learning is not exactly a new concept, the lockdown has spun a new meaning to it – that of the importance of access to distinguished minds beyond boundaries.

Here are top three takeaways from online learning in today’s world!

1. Broaden your horizons: Imagine being taught by a professor from Harvard while sitting in India. In an otherwise regular world, this scenario would have been a difficult proposition. However, the pandemic has forced the education sector to re-evaluate their modes of delivery. With geographical boundaries no longer an essential barrier, colleges can now look at providing students with a truly international experience. One class can be team-taught from a professor in Chennai along with a professor in San Francisco, thanks to technology.

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