Five tips to make the transition to university easier

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Young and ambitious students leave high school and walk into the portals of universities with myriad hopes, goals, and aspirations. As with any life change, this phase can be challenging and at the same time exciting at every step of the way. While some students adapt quickly, others are overwhelmed by the changes and challenges. Here are a few tips to make university life enjoyable and memorable.

Asking for help is a sign of strength. 

While it is necessary to learn how to be self-dependent, there is no shame in asking for help and seeking guidance, advice, and coaching to navigate unknown terrains easily. It will also save time by helping to avoid possible mistakes that others have made before. Parents, professors, friends, or an expert on campus are there to help and provide support. Preparation helps survive life-altering changes, and proper guidance can go a long way in making transitions easier. 

Deriving strength from failures.  

Everyone goes through their share of failures, but how to face them without getting discouraged is what matters. Every failure is an opportunity to learn lessons and move on to a position of strength. Instead of brooding over failures, it is essential to learn to be kind to oneself, avoid taking failures personally and keep the confidence level up. Embracing the idea of productive failure would mean drawing the lesson out of it and remembering it to avoid it in future

Taste the fare before finalizing the major and minor. 

SaiU prides itself in exposing students to a range of subjects  – Arts and Sciences, Technology, and Law – and gives them the flexibility to design their degrees. Hence, an open-minded approach will help in making the right choices.

At the core of liberal education are choice and freedom. SaiUians have chosen this institution to avoid the trodden path of a predetermined course of study. The recommended way forward is to make the most of the first year, attend all the classes, and engage extensively with the content and faculty. It will help make considered decisions in the years that follow.

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