Outbound Training game


Riddle theme game is name as escape the room. It is one of the most adventurous mystery game in which you will have to solve the provided puzzle to escape from the room. If you are like playing puzzle base video fun physical games on your PC then through escape the room you will experience it physically. In escape the room you will unlock the keys and find the invisible doors through clues, solve the puzzle and much more interesting things that you cannot even experience in any other game. This game is not difficult for all those who have a sharp mind and strategy skills can win this game easily. You only need a team of at least 2 or maximum 20 members. This can be a great fun if you will play this game without taking any tension and just for joy and entertainment.

No extra logics will use in this fun physical games only your open mind and intelligence will require. When you enter in escape room complete guidance will provide to you by the master of this game and after that, he will leave the room and you will lock. You are also provided with the puzzle which you will have to solve and find the riddle by using it. You will only have a limited time in which you should unlock the last door of the room. The time limit will be 60 minutes. This game is a theme game. Every room is designed with the specific theme such as the jail theme, horror theme, laboratory theme and many other in which you will have to find a clue to unlock the next room. The room will have some keys or codes hidden for any particular lock. You will check everything off the room to find that key or clue.


Every fun physical games have some rules and regulation that you should follow before playing it. Like that escape, the room has also some rules and regulations that you will follow. You are not allowed to bring anything with you like a pen, paper, pencil, camera, mobile phone or any other thing related to technology or any normal stuff. Don’t assume that when you are a lock in the room no one can see you because you are monitor by special hidden cameras so if you will bring anything with you then you will out from the game. There are also some operator in the room which will help you if you need any help. So feel free to ask anything if you will not able to understand something and your time is running out.

One most important thing that the team you will bring with you should have a member that is above 16 years old because there is some clue that can you only a mature mind will find. This fun physical game is very interesting. Once you try it, I am 100 percent sure that you will want it to play again and again. So for what are you waiting for go and let’s play!

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