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5 Best Guesthouses & Hotels in St. Kitts for Authentic Caribbean Experience

The twin islands of St. Kitts and Nevis emerged as the most sought-after tourist destination and top-choice to find a permanent settlement in the entire Caribbean. Although you’ll find large and super luxury guesthouses hotels in the island country, authentic Kittitian experience is at its best at smaller places with welcoming environment and unbeatable courtesy of the locals.

Frigate Bay: Sugar Bay Suites & GuestHouses Hotels

Bay Suites

It’s simple, clean and friendly; Sugar Bay Club is the first choice for both local Caribbean visitors and foreigners to get the best of courteousness and Mediterranean culture. Located in the Frigate Bay area in close proximity to the St. Kitts Golf Club and beaches, the area recently witnessed amazing development without upsetting any natural setting under the St Kitts and Nevis economic citizenship programme.

The facility includes a children’s pool and playground with some of the best reasonably priced restaurants at a walking distance. Indeed, it’s a cheerful and totally economic development with only 89 rooms, set around the pool and lush gardens while looking out to the sea.

Basseterre: The Seaview Inn

Seaview Inn


A small guesthouses hotels in Basseterre’s center; Seaview Inn give every visitor a warm welcome and a true homely feeling! The Seaview Inn believes authenticity being minimalist and there’s nothing too much fancy about the accommodation as well but, being close to the ferry terminal give the place great value for money. A small restaurant and well-stocked bard further complements the guesthouse.

Basseterre: Ottley’s Plantation Inn

Ottley’s Plantation Inn

This 18th-century sugar plantation welcomes you like an old friend in absolute elegance. Ottley’s Plantation Inn is a small hotel which sits on approximately 35 acres of rainforest and gardens with the availability of a shuttle service taking guests on nearby beach tour. The rooms in main house and charming cottages in the open grounds are neatly festooned in typical colonial-style chintz. Although pricier than other guesthouses hotels, services and surrounding is worth appreciating.

Basseterre: The Bird Rock Beach Hotel

Rock Beach Hotel

As the name suggests, the Bird Rock Beach Hotel offers stunning views being perched on the magnificent cliffs near to Basseterre! It’s an amazing place to rest your mind and soul while watching the flight of circling frigate birds. The rooms are all comfortable complemented by a private beach and on-premises diving center. Rocky’s Beach Bar is the best place to relax and enjoy crisp burgers with cool beer whereas more formal and elegant dining option is at Diana’s.

Frigate Bay: Timothy Beach Resort

Beach Resort

The pocket-friendly Timothy Beach Resort oversees the many beach bars on the Frigate Bay. Although there’s a lot of humdrum and activity nearby, the place offers absolute isolation and peace other than the chirping of the birds and prancing monkeys on the lawn. Timothy Beach Resort is the island’s only hotel to sit right on the Caribbean Sea with acceptable choice of self-catering facilities, suites, and studios. The cleanliness and simplicity further make it a perfect haven for families.


The St. Kitts and Nevis economic citizenship programme welcome all applications that add further development and well-being of the island with more amazing facilities.

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