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The Covid induced pandemic has changed the way we behave in our everyday life. People avoid meeting others except for emergencies. Visits to doctors and hospitals are being postponed as much as possible. This has necessitated the need for online teleconsultations with varified doctors. The faceless interactions of the early days have been replaced by video consultation where both the doctor and the patient can see each other.

A video consultation is normally done in a clinic-like environment to give the patient the right feel. Earlier, doctors were doing it from their homes, but it has its own limitations like background noise, movement of people, technological issues, etc. To overcome these difficulties, professionally developed online video consultancy apps have flooded the market to bridge the gap. The patient can video chat with the doctor through such apps without experiencing the above-described problems.

DOKTORS is one such online video consultation app in India where one can find general physicians to specialist doctors in the healthcare field. Apart from video consultation services, it also provides in-clinic appointments.


Through the new launch, our has gained a lot of ground for its easy-to-use features and is now amongst the front-ranking online video consultation platform in India. Our app allows a one-click appointment, making the process of booking an online appointment with a doctor a lot easier.

We allow you to make an appointment, reschedule, follow up and share your medical records while at the same time ensuring full privacy, safety, and security of the patient’s data. The strong technological foundation gives a trouble-free and uninterrupted experience. One can make use of our app anytime during the 24-hour period of the day.

Doctors can generate an e-prescription and access all previous records of the patients during online consultation is a feature unique to this one-stop destination. Our platform gives the patient multiple options for making a payment and he can choose what suits him the most. During online video consultation, if possible the patient should be in a closed room with windows and doors closed. His internet should be reliable and not get disconnected during the consultation process.

Download the DOKTORS app on your mobile from the Play Store and avail the best medical consultation near you from the comfort and safety of your home.



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