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Is it better to vape or smoke?

There has been a great deal of misinformation when it comes to vaping. The current hysteria about deaths being caused by vaping have failed to account for the fact that the vast majority of these incidents have involved products that are not nicotine based but rather THC based products. The crazy amounts of fake news have even led to some states ordering bans of vaping products under the supposed claims that vaping is causing a health crisis.

According to Vapor4Life, the facts are that nicotine based vaping products like tobacco e-juice haven’t been shown to cause nearly the sorts of health problems that are known to be caused by smoking. Big Tobacco spent decades fighting the truth about their extremely harmful products and now that a safer alternative has hit the market they are doing their best to muddy the waters and make it hard to know the truth about the safety of vaping compared to the dangers of smoking. The facts are that vaping does has shown to be less damaging and less addictive than smoking. There will need to be research done into vaping and the long-term studies will have to be conducted but for the moment it is clear that vaping is safer and better for you than smoking. Vaping has been used effectively by many smokers to get themselves off of cigarettes and break that dangerous addiction for good.

The nicotine in tobacco e-juice and other flavors of vaping pods is set at different levels for people who enjoy vaping. You can seek out pods that will give you 5% nicotine or 3% nicotine. These percentages are strictly monitored and regulated to ensure that vapers are getting exactly what they asked for when they make their purchase. This is much unlike Big Tobacco which has been caught elevating and lowering the amounts of nicotine in their products for decades in attempts to addict new generations to their dangerous cigarettes. The Tobacco industry quite literally has to find new customers because it will kill its older customers.

Smoking has been conclusively linked to all sorts of cancers, lung and heart diseases and countless other medical ailments while vaping has been shown to be not nearly as dangerous a habit. Also vaping is far cheaper than smoking. A typical smoker can expect to spend roughly ten thousand dollars a year on their habit if they smoke a pack a day, while somebody who enjoys vaping might pay a little extra when they take up the habit because they need to buy their vaping equipment, once they have that they can expect to pay roughly a thousand dollars a year on recharging pods for their vape kit. For both health and economic reasons vaping is a far better habit for a person to engage in.

Don’t listen to the lies of Big Tobacco. They are interested in only one thing, hooking as many people on their cancerous products as possible. Vaping is a safer, cheaper, and all around better option for anyone looking to relieve stress.

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