Bio Based Chemicals Are Used To Produce Polymers, Adhesives, Textiles And Plastics

Bio Based Chemicals assist in achieving a socially and environmentally sustainable global economy and lessen reliance on imported fossil fuels.

Compounds made from sugar via biological conversion processes are referred to as Bio Based Chemicals. They contain molecules that can be converted into a range of different valuable chemicals and have a variety of functional groups. Amino acids, isoprene, propane, short chain olefins, and other substances are examples of common compounds produced through bioprocessing or using biomass.The term "bio-based platform chemicals" describes a class of chemical compounds created by dissecting and processing biological materials. 

Bio-glycerol, glutamic acid, itaconic acid, bio-3-hydroxypropionic acid, and succinic acid are a few of the frequently utilized Bio Based Chemicals. Amino acids, carboxylic acids, isoprene, propane, short-chain olefins, butanediols, and ethanol are used to make them. These substances are utilized in the production of polymers, adhesives, textiles, plastic packaging, resins, cleaning agents, and other substances and materials with improved functions.

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