Furfural is a Potential Lignocellulose Biomass-Derived Renewable Platform Chemical

From lignocellulosic biomass, furfural is a promising platform product that can be further processed into biochemical and fuels. F is a sought-after raw material for the sustainable manufacture of value-added compounds containing oxygen atoms due to its highly functionalized molecular structure. There is an overview of the many catalytic techniques used to convert Furfuralto C4 and C5 compounds. The majority of C4 chemicals are synthesised with selective oxidation as the first step, whereas the C5 chemicals are primarily created by sequential phases of selective hydrogenation and/or hydrogenolysis. Background data has also been given about the uses of these compounds and their conventional exploitation from fossil feedstocks. A quick review of recent developments in the creation of heterogeneous catalysts for F synthesis is also provided.

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