Blue World City

Pros and Cons of Investing In Blue World City

Blue World City is the first and the biggest “Pak-China Friendly Society”. Being the only gated community that collaborates with China, Blue World City is the best place to invest for so many reasons. 

A person who invests and buys a property looks for many things. Buying a property is not an easy thing, it takes a huge chunk out of your savings. So to invest in the right place is everything. 

The reasons you should invest in this great project are:

  1. Location: Blue World City Islamabad Map is undoubtedly at a prime location. It is in the center of Islamabad and Rawalpindi making it easier for the people who have jobs in the twin cities to live there. It is near to the new Islamabad Airport and also to the motorway making this accessible for the workers in the CPEC as its route is in proximity. 
  2. Affordable price and manageable installment plan: Blue World City offers houses and property at very affordable and cheap prices. With a very little amount of money, you can get the possession of your property in no time. 
  3. The installment plan, unlike other housing societies, is very simple and manageable. There are 3 years and 4-year installment plans available that will allow the buyers to take advantage of getting a property with their choice of plan. 
  4. Diverse community: As it is the Pak-China society, Blue World City will increase the interaction of the two communities strengthening the ties between Pakistan and China. Chinese will be given equal facilities and properties in society providing a friendly environment. 
  5. Health and education: Blue World City will provide high-level facilities for health and education. Knowing the importance of the two basic necessities for life, this society has international level schooling and hospitals. 
  6. Infrastructure: The infrastructure of Blue World City is exceptional. With Chinese construction and techniques, the architecture and infrastructure will be designed and developed making the society unique and beautiful. 
  7. Security: Being the big gated community, this society will have high-level security for both Pakistanis and Chinese. From the guards on the entrance and exit to the cameras in public places, Blue World City will ensure that its residents are secured and protected.  For the protection of the people, Blue world City will have police stations that will be there for its public’s needs and problems.
  8. Entertainment and fun: Blue World City will provide unlimited entertainment facilities including malls, movie theaters, theme parks, amusement parks, public parks, sports complexes, restaurants, hotels, resorts, water parks, play areas, and much more. -Commercial hub: Cherry on top, Blue world city will be the commercial hub generating revenue for the country and allowing foreign investments.

The only “con” in investing in the Blue World City Rawalpindi is that it is located far away from the main Islamabad City. it will take around 45 minutes to reach the Zero point in Islamabad which resulting in the only drawback. 

Apart from this, the Blue World City is the best place to invest and buy a property. 

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