Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Every Thing About Bluetooth Hearing Aids

A Bluetooth Hearing Aids technology is invented in 1994 that allows two or more than two devices to transfer data in the form of radio waves. A hearing aid offer wireless connectivity with various digital accessories such as mobile phone and music player. It allows transfer sound signal from the streaming device to her aid. Bluetooth Hearing Aids hearing aid use a small streaming device to connect with electronic accessories that convert sound into an FM signal which sent wirelessly to hearing aid.

Top 5 Bluetooth Hearing Aids:


  • Oticon OPN
  • Resound Linx 3d
  • Phonak Audeo B Direct
  • Widex Beyond Fusion 2
  • Starkey Halo 2

Features Of Bluetooth Hearing Aids :


Bluetooth hearing aid provide various features to a user to improve their listening experience which includes:

  • It provides personalized listening experience. stream sound to one or both hearing aid and a signal is modified to match individual hearing aid personalized settings.
  • allow connection to more than one devices. It provides functionality to stay connected to a mobile phone when you are streaming a sound from another device such as a streaming movie, playing a song.
  • It acts as a remote control for your Bluetooth Hearing Aids aid by which you can adjust volume change settings or program. It is very useful when your hearing aid very small to control externally.
  • It follows standard protocol for secure transmission. It is not unique for every hearing aid manufacturer.
  • Provide clear and loud sound to Bluetooth Hearing Aids loss person and their lifestyle.

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