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Bluetooth Hover Boards! Enhance your Riding Experience

Read the amazing article about Bluetooth hoverboards! Enhance your riding experience.

The hoverboard is gaining gradual customer consideration these days as they have acquired a very important place in the customers’ demands. Hoverboards are the most popular portable movement and locomotion devices. Hoverboards are being more and more popular among the students and low distance travelers.

Hoverboards are gaining popularity day by day. The gradual increase in the demand of hoverboards has resulted in the introduction of hoverboards with different features. These features are creating more and more ease and feasibility to the customers. These remarkable features include:

  • Visual effects;

  • Bluetooth connectivity;

  • Nonslip footpads;

  • Rechargeable batteries;

  • Gripping wheels;

  • Multi-terrain abilities;

  • Eco-friendly materials;

  • Higher weight carrying ability;

  • More speed and mileage;

  • Fast charging; and more

The most significant feature amongst these is the Bluetooth connectivity. Bluetooth hoverboard allows the users to connect their hoverboards to their phone and control hoverboard navigation through the phone. This features also enables the user to play music through Bluetooth featured speakers. Bluetooth hoverboards are preferred over other types of hoverboards. Such hoverboards enable smart connectivity of the boards with cell phones which provide easy navigation and control features to the users.

A Bluetooth hoverboard allows the users to connect to mobile. It enables the following features for the users:

A Bluetooth hoverboard allows the users to connect to mobile

  • It allows the users to control the directions and speed of the hoverboard

  • It allows the users to play music via Bluetooth speakers and enjoy the exciting hoverboard ride.

  • It allows you to control visual effects and animations of the hoverboard for better night traveling experience.

  • You can control the working of a hoverboard as a parent if your child is using the hoverboard

The Bluetooth conductivity adds several features to your hoverboard improving your hoverboard ride experience. Bluetooth hoverboards are most important and in-demand hoverboards. Here is a brief overview of the top 10 rated hoverboards whose features are enhanced due to Bluetooth facility.

  • Halo rover X

Halo rover haverboard

Halo rover X comes with long life LG batteries for worry-free use. This hoverboard is equipped with Bluetooth features. It has a Bluetooth speaker to play music. It has fascinating front and back LED lights that are visible all the time. It has a nonslip rubber footpad for a better grip and comes with a multi-terrain ability. Moreover, it comes with its own app to handle the mileage, battery usage and help to switch between different riding modes. It can attain the maximum speed of 10 mph and a maximum range of 10 miles at a single charge. Moreover, it is also water and dust resistant.

  • SwagTron T580

SwagTron T580

It is also an eco-friendly hoverboard which avoids carbon emission. A sentry shield technology prevents combustion and bursting of the battery. Swagtron hoverboard comes with Bluetooth speakers that can be accessed through a mobile app available for both Android and iOS users. It is water resistant. But the only fault in this hoverboard is low mileage. It travels only 8 miles on a single charge which is very less than the other popular hoverboards. But it never turns into flames and ashes.

  • Gyroor warrior

Gyroor warrior

This exciting hoverboard has a very unique and flexible design that appeals to a wide number of users due to its attractive colors and designs. Lightweight and its convenient ride even for the new users have made it the best hoverboard. It is able to support up to 265lbs. With a fast charging and high charge retention, it can acquire a maximum speed of 9.95 mph and has a range of 9.5 miles. Moreover, it has a very strong and durable body and comes with Bluetooth connectivity but many users complain that the connection is disconnected sometimes automatically. The only downside is that it lacks instructions so it can be a bit difficult to manage it in the start.

  • Razor hovertrax 2.0

Hover Boards

It is another breakthrough in the hoverboard market that comes with a powerful battery that is silent and efficient. With a maximum speed of more than 8 mph, it is capable to run for 60 minutes after charging. This time can vary for persons with higher weights. It has good LG rechargeable battery that can be changed as well. Comes with a self-balancing technology this hoverboard keeps itself upright even when the user leans so much. This reduces the risk of having a fall. Furthermore, it features LED lights, bumpers, power indicators and riding modes that ate suitable for beginners as well as advanced users. It also facilitates Bluetooth connection to your mobile to control device navigation and control.

  • Hoverzon S Hoverboard

Hoverzon S Hoverboard

It is a hoverboard with ultra-safe battery protection and fire resistant batteries. Not only this. This powerful hoverboard has a fireproof exterior body and very stable and responsive control. It has an innovative battery management system which helps to improve the battery performance as a whole. Comes with 2 modes for beginners and professionals and feature of Bluetooth connectivity for better navigation and control.

  • Xtremepower US hoverboard

Xtremepower US hoverboard

This hoverboard pays a good value for your money and comes with a high range of 7.3 to 9.3 miles. Once you charge it fully it can cover 6 miles. It hosts Bluetooth connectivity and mobile app for device control. The app is available for both Android and iOS users. This powerful and solid hoverboard has attractive safety LED lights for better rising during nights and fogs. This hoverboard is not good for inflamed and rough terrains as the wheels are not designed for multi-terrain capability. Moreover, it is not water resistant but it can carry a maximum of 200pbs weight.

To end,

With this, we conclude that Bluetooth hoverboards are very effective and are known as best self balancing scooters 2019. The customers like controlling the devices through mobile phones and use Bluetooth speakers. The above analysis indicates that hoverboards with Bluetooth connectivity are better and preferred more.

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