Cattelan Italy Weston: The Art Of Building Furniture

The Art Of Building Furniture

These days, furniture is as much about style as it is about function. The Cattelan Italy Weston family of furniture offers both. With a wide range of designs, you’ll find something that suits your needs and fits your taste.

Cattelan Italy Weston: Who are they?

Cattelan Italy is a high-end furniture company that specializes in luxury, Italian-made furniture. The company was founded in 1979 by Giorgio and Sergio Cattelan, and is headquartered in Treviso, Italy. Cattelan Italy has a wide range of product categories, including bedroom sets, dining room sets, living room sets, office furniture, outdoor furniture, and more. The company’s flagship store is located in Milan, but it also has showrooms in New York City, London, Paris, Dubai, and Moscow. Cattelan Italy is known for its use of high-quality materials, innovative design, and impeccable craftsmanship. The company’s philosophy is to create timeless pieces that are both functional and stylish. In addition to its ready-to-ship collections, Cattelan Italy also offers custom furniture solutions.

Cattelan Italy Weston: Why are they building furniture?

Cattelan Italy Weston is a furniture company that is known for its high-quality, luxury furniture. They have been in business for over 20 years and have a strong reputation in the industry. They are known for their attention to detail and their use of only the finest materials.

So Why Are They Building Furniture?

The answer is simple: because they love it.

A furniture is an art form, and Cattelan Italy Weston takes great pride in their work. They believe that furniture should be beautiful, functional, and built to last. This is why they use only the highest quality materials and construction techniques.

Cattelan Italy Weston is constantly innovating and experimenting with new designs and materials. They are always looking for ways to improve their products and make them even more beautiful and functional. This commitment to excellence is what has made Cattelan Italy Weston one of the most respected furniture companies in the world.

Cattelan Italy Weston: the Style of Their Furniture

Cattelan Italy Weston is a company that specializes in building high-quality furniture. Their furniture is known for its unique style and its ability to stand out in any room.

The company was founded in 1984 by Enzo Cattelan and his wife, Daniela. Together, they started off building small pieces of  for their home. However, soon enough, word got out about their work and they began to receive requests from others to build pieces for them as well.

As the company grew, so did its team of skilled craftsmen. Today, the team at Cattelan Italy Weston consists of some of the most talented and experienced  builders in the world.

Each piece of  that Cattelan Italy Weston builds is made with the utmost care and attention to detail. The wood that they use is carefully selected to ensure that it meets their high standards for quality. Once the wood has been chosen, it is cut and shaped by hand to create the desired design.

After the piece has been built, it is then stained and finished by hand. This allows each piece of  to have its own unique look and feel.

Cattelan Italy Weston takes pride in the fact that all of its furniture is made entirely in Italy. This means that each piece is made with the same level of care and attention to detail that has come to be expected from Italian craftsmanship.

What Does the Future Hold for Them?

As Cattelan Italy continues to grow, it will continue to produce high-quality, innovative  that is both functional and stylish. They will also continue to expand their product line to include more items for the home. In addition, they will continue to work with some of the world’s top designers to create new and exciting collections.


Cattelan Italy Weston is a company that specializes in building high-quality furniture. Their pieces are known for their attention to detail and use of only the finest materials. If you’re looking for furniture that will last a lifetime and become a family heirloom, Cattelan Italy Weston is the perfect brand for you. Thanks for reading! We hope this article has helped you learn a little more about this amazing company and their commitment to craftsmanship.

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