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CBD Oil Calculator for Dogs

Pet owners might be familiar with cannabidiol or CBD oil that is effective for treating some pets’ ailments. If you have more questions about CBD, you can read more on this site here. The oil and other products are said to help prevent seizures, anxieties, aggression, loss of appetite, and more.

Some owners have lots of anecdotes about how the CBD can calm their pets during loud festivities and fireworks events. Some stated that when their furry friend Bruno is in pain, a dose of the oil can relieve him from what he is experiencing.

Disclaimer: Please note that these are all anecdotes and personal experiences of people who use cannabidiol to ease their dogs’ pain.

Further studies are still needed to confirm whether the claims are valid or not officially. But with these claims and first-hand experiences, most are ready to give anything that they can administer to see their pets happy again.

Dogs and the Human Body

Humans and dogs have an endocannabinoid system or ECS, which consists of neurotransmitters that pass messages directly to the central and peripheral nervous systems. The primary function of the ECS is to process cognitive thinking, affect various sensations such as appetite, pain, memory, mood, and more.

CBD has special effects by modifying the receptors in the ECS to bind with the cannabinoids. The process can be complicated, but the bottom line is that CBD can make your pet eat heartily again and can lessen the inflammation of their legs due to conditions such as arthritis. Cannabidiol can decrease the sensations of pain, swelling, anxiety, stress, and more when it’s given at the right dose.

Doses and Your Pets

One of the most complicated things when it comes to CBD is finding the right dosage to give to your pets. Some pups are over 20 pounds, and they can require higher concentrations of cannabidiol. Products that are organic and pure are more expensive. The most economical option is to find the minimum dose that will be the most effective for your canine friend.

Starting the Journey with the Right Dosage

Some owners begin with 0.1 mg/kg twice a day. When they see a significant improvement, they add gradual amounts of doses until they reach a threshold of 0.6mg/kg. All of these depend on your canine’s weight, condition, and overall health. Other factors that can affect the dosage include the ingredients of the oil, the brand, and the concentration of CBD.

You can calculate the right dose by going into an official website where you can select the weight, bottle size, and other information that pertains to your tincture. You can also state the reason why you are giving the tincture to your pet, and the calculator can automatically recommend the right dose for you.

Things to Consider When Treating your Dog

There are specifics on how you should give cannabidiol to your dog. You must know some of the basics before starting a treatment plan. If you are in doubt, always check with your vet and make sure that they understand what you are giving to your furry friend.

CBD products are generally available in these three forms. These are capsules, treats, and oils. The larger breeds require more doses of cannabidiol, but you should never overdose them. There’s a specific formula that most owners follow, and these affect the amount that they are giving. Also, there’s a difference between providing regular doses for better health and stronger ones for illnesses.

Basics of the Drops

It would help if you started by administering drop instead of giving your canine CBD treats. The drops can vary, but the recommended amount that you can start with is about 2 to 4. These drops should be taken about twice or thrice daily. You can adjust the drops according to the medical condition and how your pet accepts the tincture.

If you decide to try the capsules first, you can check if each of the pills contains between 4 to 20 milligrams of CBD. The exact number of capsules that you can give can vary, but the recommended should be about one tablet in the morning and another in the evening.

When it comes to giving treats, note that the concentrations can vary. It is best to provide the treats according to the directions written on the package. However, it is essential to know that whatever products you choose to give, you need to see how your pet reacts, and you should make adjustments accordingly. Valuing the importance of your pet means that you make sure that everything that they eat or drink is safe. You can read more about importance of pets here: https://healthforanimals.org/ourcontribution/documents/importance_of_pets.pdf.

A Final Word

Remember that CBD is a non-psychoactive compound. This means that your dog won’t get “high” even if you slightly overdosed them today. Some studies have shown that some breeds can tolerate levels of CBD that were given in high doses. There are also no known toxic levels, and you won’t have to worry about overdosing at all. But be wary of some side effects, and if you are in doubt, always ask questions to your vet to know what’s right for your dog.

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