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Smartify is leading Online computer based training software development company in Hyderabad India and also offers CBT apps, websites and e-learning solutions and to

Benefits of CBT

Course Management & Tracking:

Courses in CBT are structured and time-based. Users can easily plan the course

based on the course structure represented by a tree menu in CBT. In the tight

schedules, also the course can be planned easily as the content is designed with a fixed

time and position in the CBT.

Graphical Representation of content:

The course is presented in words and pictures in graphical format with animations,

hotspots, videos, etc… rather than textual content to create interest and easy of

understanding to the user

Each Course of the section is clearly narrated without deviating from the Technical

Information with a combination of Graphical, textual, audio and Video-based

3D and 2D Animations help users to get into detail about functionality and procedure

of the internal objects of the system, which is very hard to explain in the traditional mode

of training.

Personalization of Content – Content can be Presented in custom styles which is

understandable to the user without changing the technical rather than the formal style

Audio Narration – Content in each slide is narrated with VoiceOver, which helps

users to follow the flow of content and animations with less effort of the user to

understand the concept.

OST – OST stands for ON Screen Text, which is displayed below each slide, the voice

over is followed by the OST.

Image – Do not necessarily put the static image of the agent on the screen

Assessments – Quizzes or Assessments can be planned at the end of the CBT, which

helps the trainer to assess how much knowledge has been gained by the trainee in

the training session.

References – The Raw Documents are uploaded in CBT to have reference to the

original data so that the user can not deviate from the training session

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