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Gone are the days when being out of Odisha meant being far from Odisha news. In the early days of digital era one could get Odisha news anywhere in the world. But it was really hard to get latest Odia news. Now at any place of the world one can access Odisha news in Odia language. Latest Odia news is at the reach of finger tips.

Few years back Odias living abroad or in any other state of India did not have much freedom to choose. Online Odisha news platforms were few. Portals, websites and mobile apps catering Odisha news in Odia language were fewer. At present their number is increasing every other day. So, one has the power to choose the best online Odia news platform as per one’s liking and preference.

Most online Odisha news platforms prefer to be bilingual. Odia and English are their preferred language. This has increased reach of Odisha news across the world. Latest Odia news as well as best of Odia news is no more confined to the accessibility of Odias. Any major happening in Odisha is immediately drawing attention of national and international media. In a way online Odisha news distribution has increased visibility of happenings in Odisha for the world audience.

Few months back Odisha’s ace female athlete and international sprinter Dutee Chand startled all by disclosing her girlfriend’s identity.  Recently Dutee broke off with her girlfriend. Few years back these happening would have got confined to few Odia newspapers and Odia news channels. But online Odisha news dissemination drew worldwide attention towards these latest Odia news related to Dutee. For several national and international media houses happenings in Dutee’s life were best Odia news around. The news stories related to Dutee’s love life became hot cake not only on online Odisha news platforms but also on national and international media outlets.  

At this juncture, the question emerges in mind, what can be termed best Odia news ? In the world of online Odisha news business, it changes with the change of audience. Odias living in Odisha want latest Odisha news from every nook and corner of the state. Odias living outside the state demand more online Odisha news from the districts of their origin. Both these groups of Odias have special interest in crimes and analysis of political happenings in Odisha. But Non-Odias outside Odisha keeping track of Odisha news have comparably less interest in crimes and political happenings in Odisha unless they are big ones. While browsing through online Odisha news platforms to view latest Odia news, they prefer to stick to human interest stories and unusual happenings.


So, online Odisha news publishers trying to generate income for sustenance are making all efforts to satisfy these different types of digital audience. For it they have to amalgamate all that is termed best Odia news by these three types of digital audience.  Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the growth of online Odisha news dissemination. Survival of online Odisha News platforms depends on the satisfaction of the audience they cater to. Unless the audience feels they are getting the best Odia news, there can be no guarantee that they will stick to any particular online Odisha news platform.

Providing only latest Odisha news can never make any online platform the best Odia news site. The Odias are also in touch with major online news platforms of our country and the world. They will always want Odisha news to match with latest international standards.  In the rush to provide latest Odia news, quality of presentation cannot be sacrificed. Best Odia news needs best mode of presentation as per theme and look.

Without any proper quality regulation, usually no holds barred smaller players in online news market make the latest Odisha news more spicy and gossipy. These smaller players compensate their lack of reporters’ network by opting for saucy headlines and double meaning thumbs. They target the large number of digital news enthusiasts living in rural areas. For these online Odisha news platforms best Odia news is spicy gossipy news. While they claim to be providing best Odia news, they at times fish out fake news.

These smaller players in digital news arena add up lewd and unprofessional fake angles to latest Odisha news. At times their unbelievable speculations and allegations packaged as best Odia news  are nothing but spice coated fake news that tarnish image of Odisha’s media.  

About Author:

Abinash is a renowned journalist and has possessed decades of experience. He mostly covers Online Odia News. In addition he has special interest in blogging. For recent few years, he has been contributing quality pieces for Argus News Youtube.


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