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Things your child Should do When Online

There’s no doubt that the internet is an exciting world for kids. You can get information on different subjects by the click of a button. And this can benefit or hurt your child. The internet predisposes kids to many risks, and you should teach them on online safety and how to behave when online.

Here are internet safety tips for kids:

1. Stay on content

Ads that pop up on the screen can divert your child’s attention to other sites with inappropriate content. Educate your child not to click on ads; besides, some may put your computer at risk for malware downloads. If your child uses their Samsung mobile to visit sites that you don’t approve of, head to Google and search “sell my Samsung phone.” There several websites that exchange old/second-hand devices for money and do the same for your device. Such an act will keep your child safe from explicit materials available online.

2. Pause before sharing

The instant gratification associated with sharing information or seeing images online can be your child’s downfall. This is because information posted online stays there forever. Nowadays, colleges and prospective employers search online to determine what kids usually share on social media. So, avoid oversharing and re-examine your words and images before clicking the share button.

3. Safeguard passwords

Sharing passwords can compromise your security and jeopardize your account. Not everyone has good intentions, and some friends may decide to hurt you in the future. So, train your child on how to protect personal information through the use of hack-proof passwords because such are great ways of enhancing their online safety.

Take home

Internet safety on social media is very crucial. Educate your child to exercise caution when approached by strangers online. Your kid should also shun the temptation of accessing restricted sites or sharing passwords. By doing so, you intensify your child’s online safety.

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