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Best Construction Management Software For Your Business

Construction project management solutions allow project managers & decision-makers to have complete control over all their EPC processes.

Construction project management solutions allow project managers & decision-makers to have complete control over all their EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction) processes within the project lifecycle. From planning and budgeting to tendering and material management, post award controls and handover, all tasks, responsibilities, and functions, can be incorporated via these comprehensive construction management software solutions. 

The leading solutions in the domain of construction project management also empower decision-makers to leverage data-based analytics across budgeting, vendor selection, approval management, delivery tracking, inventory optimization and daily progress reports. Key processes across projects are integrated into one single dashboard with tiered access provided to project managers, senior stakeholders and suppliers/vendors. 

Advantages of construction project management software

As the industry grows year over year, firms need greater access to industry-specific technologies that enable them to deliver projects efficiently. Some of the best construction management software focus on ease of use, while providing the following benefits. 

1. Empowers decision-makers–Construction management software empowers decision-makers at the strategic level, by enabling them to have complete access to all operations, processes and workflows. It allows absolute control over the project’s cost, time and scope thereby increasing the cost-effectiveness of the project. With the help of automated alerts and prompts, managers can also execute projects in a highly agile manner. 

2. Delivers efficiency through standardizationStandardization in processes and execution methodologies allows project managers to drive greater efficiencies. A good construction project management software provides standardised project strategies, execution methodologies and cost item descriptions to increase efficiency and enable smart analysis.

3. Enables real-time collaboration–Team members can instantly share documents, plans, and reports, within the integrated platform. Project managers can also design comprehensive workflows to ensure that all tasks are executed as outlined, while receiving real-time updates. 

4. Ensures quality deliveryInformation loss is a critical concern-area for construction firms, which is why project management solutions provide transparency, accountability, and tracking/monitoring tools across all stages of engineering, procurement and construction. 

Let us look at some of the construction management software out there in the market


PlanGrid is an Autodesk construction cloud platform that enables firms to connect distributed systems and processes. The solution suite is offered under four main categories, namely Design, Plan, Build& Operate. PlanGrid focuses on streamlining the Request For Information (RFI) process while focusing on simplifying workflows for enterprises. 

Key features

  • Task-based tracking enables increased visibility.
  • Real-time project information captured for advanced analytics.
  • Integrated security controls & measures.
  • Virtual & on-site consulting.
  • Easy integration into existing systems and detailed reporting.


Procore is designed for managers to integrate projects, resources, and financials within one platform. The solution is developed to enable all workers, within the enterprise, to gain from the tools provided. Procore connects users across processes such as preconstruction, project management, resource management and financial management for greater optimization. 

Key features

  • Prequalification solutions embedded into the offering. 
  • Streamlined bid management.
  • Field productivity tools designed to work with latest technologies. 
  • Robust app marketplace for integrations/add-ons.
  • Shorter average response/wait time for customer support. 


Smartsheet is a user-oriented solution designed to tackle scale-driven requirements. It allows managers to capture key business information while empowering companies to move faster within their operations. The product offers specifically designed tools for better quality control, safety management, scheduling and budgeting. 

Key features

  • Decision makers can access real-time information from anywhere. 
  • Enables enhanced collaboration across employees, vendors, designers, etc. 
  • Quick-start solutions are offered for new projects. 
  • Bi-directional connectors and open APIs allow ease of integration into distributed systems. 
  • Smartsheet focuses on automation to increase productivity. 


Buildertrend focuses on the four critical areas where construction firms require technological assistance namely pre-sales processes, project management, financial tools, and customer management tools are offered as a part of the overarching solution. 

Key features

  • Estimates and proposals can be designed, signed, and mapped seamlessly. 
  • Comprehensive bid request management suite, with automated reminders. 
  • Lead management/CRM system. 
  • Daily logs, task lists, scheduling and in-field optimization tools.

Oracle Primavera

Oracle Primavera focuses on linking upstream portfolio planning & downstream risk mitigation to enable connected delivery of all projects. The lifecycle of the project is covered via the tool while allowing decision makers to remain agile across value-chain processes. 

Key features

  • Industry-specific tools designed to focus on construction project delivery.
  • Tracking metrics, analytics and forecasting. 
  • Tools designed to reduce infrastructure cost while optimizing asset management. 
  • Change management is streamlined through increased visibility and forecasting. 
  • Detailed data can be accessed via dynamic drill-down features. 


The robust field management software is designed to ensure job-site coordination, ensure effective asset utilization, and reduce risk of wastage. The solution also focuses on team collaboration and transparency through its mobile app, along with easy document sharing for all members. 

Key features

  • Productivity tools are offered to enhance individual-level performance.  
  • Managers can address issues in real-time with quick notifications& emails. 
  • Handoff from construction to operations is optimized. 
  • Punch-list management is optimized via the walkthroughs, reporting & closeout. 
  • Compliance tools focus on reducing risk throughout the project. 


BuildSupply helps construction project managers focus on enhancing efficiencies across projects, while integrating all stages of engineering, procurement, and construction. BuildSupply ERP customised specifically for the Indian real estate and construction sector helps gain complete control of the project from pre-construction to closeout using its predefined modules. The leading business solution enables decision makers to prepare extensive planning estimates, optimize tendering and procurement, automate workflows, and manage tendering & bidding seamlessly. 

Key features

  • Inbuilt database of 13 million + item descriptions developed by leading industry experts for enhanced BOQ creation. 
  • Superior global plan, project KPI, and administration modules for greater control. 
  • Real-time tracking tools for seamless monitoring& collaboration. 
  • Seamless integration with BuildSupply online procurement platform enabling smart procurement.
  • Tendering & vendor management solutions for optimized sourcing. 

In Conclusion

Construction management software empowers project managers to streamline all processes, while providing complete control over the project lifecycle. From planning to delivery, key business functions can be mapped within the platform, enabling comprehensive transparency for all stakeholders. Customised construction software providers, like BuildSupply, offer industry-specific functionalities that enables planned execution of construction and real estate projects from inception to handover. 

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