Converting Visitor Visa to Partner Visa: All You Need To Know

Immigration is not easy at all and this I found out personally when I am planning to go for a partner visa after having a visitors visa. In the following chapters, you will be able to learn basic information of activities, conditions, and recommendations for Converting visitor visa to  partner visa  

Understanding the Visitor Visa:

Another familiar type of visa is the visa for visitors granted to the individuals planning to go for a short time only to visit, sightseeing, do some business or attend some family functions in the country. Usually, these visa’s cannot be renewed, and the holder cannot engage in businesses like full-time employment or long-term stay.

Why do people change a visitor’s visa to a partner visa?

Talk about extending a visit from a visitor visa to being with one’s partner using a partner visa to allow one to stay with the partner on a permanent basis. A partner visa grants someone the legal permission to live, work, and study in the country; therefore, it can be better for those who envision a future together.

The following are the key criteria for an applicant to be approved a partner Visa:

Since the conversion begins with the Immigration authorities, it’s important to first confirm that you and your partner fulfil the requirements as per the authorities in your region. Common requirements include:

  • Proof of Genuine Relationship: To prove that you are still an active couple, and your relationship is not a fake one. This can be in terms of finances, travelling records and letters of Affirmation.
  • Health and Character Requirements: Possessing sound health and the character as described and dictated by the immigration authorities.
  • Financial Stability: Demonstrating to the authorities that you and your partner are capable of supporting yourselves financially, and do not claim any benefits from the government.

How to Change the Visa from Visitor to Partner?

  • 1. Gather Necessary Documents: The very first action that must be taken is, collect all the necessary papers for applying for a visa. These typically include:
  • Passport copies: Identity of the claimant and document connecting this person with the victim (photo and video, calls and messages, financial transactions).
  • Health and character certificates
  • Financial statements.
  • 2. Lodge Your Application: Complete the partner visa application online or at the right immigration centre. Make sure to fill in all necessary information in the forms and submit all the necessary documents.
  • 3. Await the Outcome: It must also be mentioned that the time within which applications for entry visas for a partner are processed differs. Thus, during this period, it is necessary that the current relationship with immigration services is friendly and the demand for additional information should be answered promptly.
  • 4. Go for an Interview (If necessary): Some of the applicants may be required to undertake an interview so as to support their relationship claims further. Always tell the truth and explain simply the answers to questions that the immigration officer could ask.
  • 5. Receive Your Visa Decision: After this step of your application has been assessed and approved, you will then be notified of the grant decision. If this is granted, then both of you will be issued with a partner visa for your mutual long stay together.
  • FAQs:

Q- A Partner Visa processing time may take the following duration depending on the situation of the applicant:

A- A processing time also depends on the country’s recommendation and individual circumstances. Generally it may take some few months or even more than a year.

Q– Can I Work while My Partner Visa Application is being Processed?

A- Work rights differ from one country to the other. Each country has its own policies concerning the matter of allowing applicants to work while waiting for the processing of their application.The following is the continuation of our previous topics specifically focusing on possible rejection of a partner visa application:

In case your application is declined, it is recommended to appeal for the decision or reapply with more supporting documents. For such cases, one is advised to seek legal help.

Q- How do I Get Evidence that My Relationship is Real?

A- Other documents like having joint bank accounts, receipts showing that the individuals travelled together, letters from friends and relatives that claim that the individuals have been in a real relationship can go a long way in proving the bonafide nature of the relationship.

Q- Is a Medical Examination Required?

A- Many of the partner visa applications involve a mandatory medical test to check the applicant’s health admissibilit.


Converting visitor visa to partner visa  is quite a complicated process and therefore several steps must be agreed and well documented. Thus, following the requirements and the steps described in this guide, you increase your chances of success in the application and further happy life with your beloved one. If you have any special questions, it is advised to address the issue to an immigration attorney to be helped with it.

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