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What is TSS 482 Visa? How Does it Work?

TSS 482 Visa or the Temporary skilled labor visa 482 is a replacement visa for the previous 457 visas.

Australia is the first choice for youth and students to seek jobs and studies.   Nearly 26 % of the 25 million Australian populations are immigrants.  The various favorable factors in Australia make it the dream for many to even visit and settle in Australia.

A Brief About TSS 482

TSS 482 Visa or the Temporary skilled labor visa 482 is a replacement visa for the previous 457 visas. Temporary Skill shortage visa subclass 482 is mainly for unskilled labor who are sponsored by prospective employers in Australia who could not find suitable labor in Australia.

The previous 457 visas were replaced by TSS 482 visa because nearly 650 businesses where the unskilled labor was taken out of the list of businesses recognized by the Australian Government.  This replacement of visa 457 to Temporary Skill shortage visa subclass 482 came into effect from March 2018.  This transition is well understood and implemented by Migration Agent Adelaide for helping its customers to be not affected by it.

tss 482 visa

Two Types Of Temporary Skill shortage visa subclass 482:

The new change of 457 to TSS 482 Visa is done in two ways.  They are long term and short term Temporary Skill shortage visa subclass 482.  This is done to differentiate between unskilled and skilled labor immigrants.  Skilled labors who have upgraded their skill while in Australia will come under the long-term scheme and the unskilled labor will be in the Short-term.

  1. Short-Term TSS 482 Visa:

The changes from 457 visa or the benefits of short-term TSS 482 Visa is they can work from 2 to 4 years in Australia for sponsors as per the conditions of the International Trade Obligation or the ITO. The cost of this visa is 1,175 AUD.  With this visa, studies can be pursued but without any government aid.  Can go out and come back to Australia as many times as wanted and the processing time is 51 days for 75 % applications and 3 months for 90 % applications.

TSS Visa

Eligibility For Short Term Temporary Skill shortage visa subclass 482:

  • Must have worked a minimum of 2 years in the relevant occupation and should possess skills assessment if the occupation requires it. Also, the occupation should be under a sponsor or associated entity unless exempt from authorities.
  • Sufficient English is mandatory unless is exempted by authorities.
  • Medical insurance should be taken compulsorily as Government is not liable for any health issues while staying
  1. Long-Term TSS 482 Visa:

Most of the benefits and eligibility of long term are the same as the short term except for the following differences:

  • Here the skilled labor should have a skills assessment
  • The occupation should be under the MLTSSL or the medium and long-term strategic skills list or Regional occupational list (ROL) or the ANZSCO or Australia New Zealand Standard Classification of codes.
  • Should be working under an Australian employer or if in case of the overseas employer it should be a direct recruitment
  • English fluency should be as per the prescribed standards of the authorities
  • 75 % of applications are processed in 35 days and 90 % in 70 days.

These changes in the conditions and requirements from visa 457  to TSS 482 is mostly for the unskilled labor.  The difficulties to adjust to them and continue or migrate again are well done by Migration Agent Adelaide. If you have any query, you can visit website.

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