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Why Is Havelock Island a Haven For Couples On Their Honeymoon Trip To Andaman? Elucidated With 6 Evident Reasons

Andaman Nicobar Islands is a perfect paradise for the honeymooners. They place secluded from the outside world and provides privacy and solitude for the couples.

The exotic island group of Andaman and Nicobar is currently a favourite honeymoon destination with numerous stunning beaches and nerve-wracking water sports activities to be indulged in. Each of them has got the unique features that make them different from one another. Nevertheless, Havelock Island, which is one of the most visited stunning landmasses stands apart from all other due to some genuine reasons. Once going through them, anybody could realise that they are not just the white sands and the crystal clear ocean waters. Havelock Island is full of surprises to the newlyweds honeymooning here at the distant landmass.  Given below are the reasons to prove that Havelock Island of Andaman is a haven for couples on their honeymoon trip.

One of the most beautiful beaches in the world

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The island is home to some of the best beaches of the entire Andaman Islands.  Even if couples are spending an entire day on its captivating beaches, they are not going to get bored. Furthermore, the seashore that was recognised as the most beautiful beach in Asia by a leading travel magazine, called Radhanagar beach is located Havelock Island. Besides them, couples may celebrate their special moments together at Kalapathar beach, Elephant beach, Vijaynagar beach or even at Govind Nagar beach. Just strolling across those white sandy beaches lined by numerous coconut palms and the turquoise blue water pampering will make both your body and soul happy.

Welcoming climate

With not too hot and not too cold climate, almost all the islands of the archipelago are an all-year-round travel destination, so do the Havelock Island. Hence, the couple travelling to Andaman for their honeymoon trip does not have to wait until the commencement of a particular season to plan them. Even the water sport activities can be availed by them during larger part of the year, except for monsoon showers. As the island is having favourable climatic, they could venture out to the sun and admire the rich marine life inhabiting just beneath the surface waters. Most notably, tourists had been throng to these beaches of Havelock from all across the globe even as an alternative to Thailand and Maldives. As for which, the temperatures also are favourable here in Havelock.

Romantic beachfront resorts

The stay of couples at any beautiful and comfortable beachfront resort could add bliss to their honeymoon trip to Andaman. Havelock Island also does comprise of various such beachside resorts that can be pre-booked with your honeymoon packages. They would most probably include the provisions of flower beds and even candlelight dinner set aside the beach to bring about a romantic mood. Such lovely ambiences would inevitably make the other person feel special. Furthermore, with the availability of such resorts here in Havelock, they always do not have to sail to and fro to the main capital island for their accommodation purposes.

Witnessing bioluminescence together at the beaches

Bioluminescence observed at the shores of Havelock Island during the summer seasons are one of the crowd-pulling factors, especially for honeymooners. Witnessing the starry night right at the waves would be mesmerizing to the eyes, as one would be  The other versions of the wonderful natural phenomenon can be beholden by indulging in night kayaking. While rowing in those kayaks, they would feel that the ocean is glowing along with those clear skies with infinite stars. Moreover, it is said that bioluminescence does occur while the moon is at the lowest phase. In short, even if they are watching this magical phenomenon for a few minutes that would indeed provide a lifetime experience. 

Newlyweds could get Bikes on rent to go for a night ride

Riding a bike with your favourite person on your honeymoon will turn out to be a unique, yet enjoyable activity. On this ride, the couples will be able to explore every corner of the exotic island on their own. Such an exciting activity can the best be done in the Havelock island, as it has a splendid topography and rural roads, that are brimming with thick lush greenery and occasionally of the vast expanse of the azure blue seas. The only condition that has to be taken care of is of the restricted areas, where entering without due permission would be followed by certain troubles.

Splendid water sports activities

Your Andaman trip would not be complete unless you try your skills in those thrilling water sports. Havelock Island has got its unique spots to venture into these underwater activities. And also, the results of which are also going to be out of this world, as ocean waters surrounding the island are rich in aquatic life. Getting trained in those scuba diving sessions along with your partner or otherwise try the quickly accessible snorkelling below the surface waters will be exciting and could offer you some everlasting memory.

Now that you have got enough reasons to consider Havelock Island rather than any other places for spending your honeymoon, you may book your honeymoon packages with Andaman Tour Travel that had also included this particular island in their travel itinerary. They would fulfil your dream of honeymooning in the most scenic destinations of the archipelago. You could avail their offer at incredible rates. Call them up and get it now!!

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