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Challenges Faced by Best Coworking Space In Jaipur

Best coworking space in Jaipur are all the rage among budding entrepreneurs and freelancers not wanting to invest in a dedicated office space. In several small and medium-sized businesses best coworking space in Jaipur are comfortable and budget-friendly choices. Yet even after gaining so much attention, owners of co-working space struggle to provide plenty of facilities that they offer their clients. So, what will owners of best coworking space in Jaipur do to make sure their clients are satisfied?


When it comes to convenience, don’t try to cut corners when operating a coworking space. Comfort and efficiency both go hand in hand. Invest in comfortable work environments where people can sit and work in ample space, have a few bean bags and sofas in the lobby for people to sit and relax when they don’t work, etc. Invest in basics such as curtains that keep distractions away, and create conference rooms that are soundproof and comfortable enough to allow people to comfortably sit down and hold seminars and meetings. In addition, keep the AC at maximum temperature and mount the humidifiers.

Owners of coworking space, often assign more people per unit space than is agreed in an effort to get a higher yield per square foot. It interferes with the privacy of people, and hampers their attention. Allocate correctly spaced cubicles, and allow the people working there adequate privacy. Ensure all workstations have dedicated drawers and power sockets for people to easily charge their laptops and phones, as well as seats that provide ample back support.


For any employee an untidy workspace is a major turn off. Employ caretakers and workers who can clean the shared work space round the clock and keep it spicy and stretch. Often, you should hire a boss to ignore the job the workers do. A routine and weekly checklist of cleanliness and repairs will be in place to ensure that the lighting, fans, AC, sinks, tables, chairs and other services are in good shape.

Particular attention must be paid to cleanliness in open spaces such as washrooms and cafeteria. Hire workers to clean dishes, scrub dry dining tables, and also keep the washrooms clean and running


To draw more people the co-working room needs to be versatile. That doesn’t mean you can’t get your customers’ rules and regulations, but don’t get too rigid about them. A small amount of versatility will go a long way and make your customers know that comfort is your top priority. First, you can build a flexible program in which consumers can upgrade their membership on a month-to-month basis instead of taking up longer contracts. You may also enforce policies such as allowing guests to move around inside the work space or allowing furniture to move around, or music to be played during free time, etc


Maintaining legalities is crucial for any company, and is emphasized in the real estate industry. Coworking space owners effectively ‘rent out’ or ‘lease’ a house, taking it into the category of real estate. As the landowner, ensure that the space users sign the agreement clearly outlines the value of the deposit

and rent, the deductions and reasons for the same, any additional expenses, escape clauses, percentage and length of price rise, etc. This will save you from any legality-related hassles.


Your co-working space’s décor will affect your customers’ mood. Decorate your room with inspiring quotes and images, paint the walls with bold and beautiful colors and add plants inside the coworking room at different locations. This will boost the customers’ mood and help them work without being stressed out. Qbicle can provide best coworking space in jaipur. Contact qbicle for more details.

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