Custom Lash Packaging Mistakes That Could Cost You Dearly

Custom lash packaging plays a vital role in developing your business. Besides the actual product, it has a grave impact on everything ranging from distribution cost to labor, product sales, and the environment. Closing your eyes to certain aspects of your supply chain and product can swiftly result in increased costs. So when designing your custom lash boxes, keep the cost in check by evading the following common mistakes: 

Not Changing Your Packaging Design

Lash boxes should be evaluated after every few years to make sure the design is appealing and is in line with the brand’s strategy and messaging. Likewise, secondary packaging shouldn’t be overlooked. In fact, it should be redesigned to adjust to any changes made to your primary packaging.

For instance, if your eyelashes are currently case packed, then there is no harm in placing them in a tray and shrink bundle. Those who are already shrink bundling can switch to high-gauge film to cut additional cost.  

Not Considering Distribution Requirements

Redesigning your custom lash packaging without considering distribution requirements often lead to unnecessary increment in costs. An ideal solution is to identify various stages of product distribution right from the manufacturing unit to retail shelves. Doing so will help you discover the best packaging material for your product.

This will keep your product safe and help you reduce your transportation cost. More importantly, well-thought-out packaging design will allow your product to outshine the competition in the retail environment. Because as customers, we are more attracted to alluring designs since exquisite visuals grab our eyeballs faster than any other thing.      

Persisting with One Size Only 

Considering various pack sizes can open doors for new business. For instance, a big retail chain wants to ship products in packs of 12, but your current packaging size is limiting you from availing the opportunity. However, when you plan and design correctly, your mailer boxes wholesale manufacturing process can easily be attuned to accommodate different orders.  

In fact, most of the time you’ll be using the same size to accommodate different collations. This will reduce your manufacturing cost and allow you to sell your products at market competitive rates.

Overlooking Transportation Cost

The fact of the matter is shipping cost makes up about 60 percent of your supply chain dollars. Yet, a high percentage of businesses blame the high cost of shipping on the carriers. However, a lot of businesses would agree that if things were packaged differently transportation cost wouldn’t have been a concern.

Sure, you always want to partner with a trusted transportation company in the first place but there are things one can do before your product is packaged that can immensely reduce cost and risk. This means, make the most of the space because it will deliver the best value in shipping. All you need to do is simply ignore the idea that “this is how things are always done”.   

In brief, there are better ways to do things if you want to bolster your relationship and cut your transportation costs.

Lack of Comprehensive Design Testing   

When it comes to redesigning your lash packaging, the most actionable insights come from a good test. Over the years, businesses have learned that the most successful projects only bear a handful of things in mind; catching the eyeballs, meeting shipping and handling requirements and customer expectations.    

One of the biggest expenses manufacturers have to incur comes from returned damaged items. Consulting with an expert packaging manufacturer and material provider like the Legacy Printing can help you evade this cost. Since you can ask your packaging partner to develop some samples for comprehensive testing, so you can ensure ideal packaging performance. 

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