During Summer

Simple Tips To Overcome Dehydration During Summer Time

Summer season is coming fast; the weather is soon going to be hot. The comfort of the winter shall be no longer there, and day’s times are going to be prickly.

In the daytime, the unpleasant nature of the summer season is felt more, and it can cause a lot of problems for us. During this summer season, there is also a huge chance of being affected by various health disorders, which make things even worse for us.

The harsh climate of summer can be torturing for us and also sucks our body energy very quickly. Most of them are facing a dehydration problem. So, it is better to take some precautions steps during the summer season and protect our body from various health issues. 

Keep hydrated

During summertime, most of the people are facing the dehydration problem. It will easily drain the water level from the body and make our body into dehydration. So people should do one wise thing that is always keeping their body hydrated. So always drink plenty of water at regular intervals. It will help to manage the water level in a normal level, and also keeping body functions normal.

People can also drink lime juice and eating watermelon. Watermelon contains more than 90% of water, so it would be the best option to beat the hot summer in a smooth way. 

Take food very light but regularly

Many people are feeling very less appetite due to heavy heat. But it is important to take food during excessive heat. Because the body requires nutrients to function properly and to stay healthy.

In the summertime, take more vegetable food item is really good for health. Because in vegetable food items contains more nutritional level and there are so many health benefits in vegetables. Taking of seafood is also good for body health, but taking on a proper level. 

People should avoid non-vegetarian foods like chicken, mutton, eggs, and other protein-rich diets. It is better to avoid the intake of sodium.

Wear loose clothes

During the summer season, avoid wearing tight clothes. It will make it uncomfortable because, during summertime, we are getting more sweating. So it will be better to wear loose cotton clothes. It helps to circulate air inside our dress and makes us feel cool and comfortable.

Apart from the above precautions, please try to follow some precautions as well.

  1. Always use an umbrella before leaving outside from your home; it will help to protect from heavy heat.
  2. Apply sun cream which will protect your skin from sunlight.
  3. Keep away from in taking of eating oily foods 
  4. It is better to add curd and buttermilk in the diet. It acts as a natural cooler.
  5. During summertime, early morning walking will support to keep the body cool and also refresh the mind in a smooth way. 
  6. Take cool showers at-least twice a day. Morning and night before going to bed will support improving the sleeping hour. 
  7. Keep washing your face, hands, and feet during summer at regular intervals. Wiping yourself with a cold towel; it can also support to cooling you off in hot summer.

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