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Some Extremely Creative Ways to Eat Avocados

If you thought that Guacamole is the only exquisite dish to enjoy avocados, then you are going in for a surprise because this wonder fruit can be an excellent ingredient for many other dishes too. Nowadays, avocados are regular ingredients for salads and dips and even in the loaves of bread and desserts. It is also used for non-culinary uses like facial and body creams. Avocados are increasingly becoming an all-purpose nutrition fruit that takes care of your body internally as well as externally. Buy online avocado fruit to do the right service to your body.

Avocado recipes from across the world

Apart from the usual salads and dips, avocados are consumed differently in different parts of the world. While the Taiwanese consume avocados with milk and sugar, Indonesians mix them with milk, coffee and rum for cold libation. Mexico, famous for its Guacamole, has another exciting recipe. The green and dried leaves are used to wrap Tamales or also as a seasoning for barbecues and stews.

If you buy organic avocados, do try some of the exquisite recipes from other parts of the world like The Ritz of South Africa. Ritz is an awesome avocado and shrimp appetizer, which involves mixing cooked shrimp with mayonnaise, cream, lemon juice, tomato sauce and serving it chilled after placing it on a halved avocado.

Peru’s Casua Limena consists of layers of cold mashed potato seasoned with Chile and lime juice, mashed Avocado and shredded chicken or tuna with mayonnaise, topped with mashed potato.

Ethiopian Spris is a perfect summer drink with layers of pureed fruits, avocado, pineapple, mango, papaya or any tropical fruit in a tall glass with the avocado layer as the topmost. A spritz of lemon is added on the top to give that tangy touch.

Above recipes is the only glimpse of how avocados are savored around the world. Let us go through some of the ways to consume avocados in a creative way.

Creative ways to consume avocados

  1. Grilling
  2. Fried
  3. Hummus
  4. Seasoned
  5. Ice cream


Yes, you heard it right. Avocados can be served as a grilled dish. Make your summer party more delicious with the grilled avocado. Apply your avocado with olive oil drizzled over the fruit, facing palm down in the grill. Wait for three minutes and serve it hot to your guests.

2. Fried

Fried avocados do sound interesting. If your kid only favors the french fries, try substituting that with avocados instead. Slice the avocados into thin strips and bake them in the oven and there, you are ready with an impressive starter. Do not forget to serve it with dipping sauce.

3. Hummus

The exquisite Middle Eastern dip can be given an extra fiber, healthy fat and a creamy twist by blending it with little avocado. Next time when you buy organic avocado, do try mixing it with olive oil, chickpeas, and tahini for an excellent hummus recipe.

4. Seasoned

This might be the simplest way to savor your favourite fruit. All you have to do is consume the avocado with a little salt and pepper. Complete the dish by dressing it with balsamic vinegar and lemon juice.

5. Ice cream

Avocados creamy texture is an excellent enhancement for desserts like ice creams or mousse. Combine avocado with milk, honey, and sugar to make delicious ice cream.

Hope this article satisfies your avocado craving with delicious twists. So, why wait? Buy online avocado fruits today itself and give your taste buds a new flavor.

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