Micro Mobility Factors

The Factors behind the Growth of Micro Mobility

The article below discusses the reasons that have contributed to the growth of micro-mobility.

With the inception of Uber in 2009, the ride-hailing and the ride-sharing industry witnessed a transformational and catastrophic change and led to several modes of rides starting their ride-sharing and ride-hailing services. 

One of the major services that witnessed a transformational change was micro-mobility services. 

So the question that arises is, what do you mean by micro-mobility services? Micro-mobility services are basically defined as a mode of transport where users can avail of light vehicles such as electric scooters, electric skateboards, and shared bicycles, etc., to name a few.

According to recent figures, the micro-mobility market is expected to grow to 300 billion dollars by the year 2030. The figure is enough to prove the flourishing and promising future of the micro-mobility market.

So, the question that arises is what are the reasons and the main factors that have contributed to the growth of the micro-mobility sector. 

The points to explain the same has been mentioned below and will assist you in understanding the same in detail. 

Factors Contributing to the Rising Growth of Micro-Mobility


Cost-effectiveness SEO

As compared to rides through cabs, micro-mobility assists users to get rides that are very market-friendly and pocket-friendly thus keeping their budget intact. 

Saves Time

With the help of micro-mobility services, users can reach the distance they need to in the shortest possible time thus saving them their precious time. 

Reduces Traffic Congestions

Through the assistance of the micro-mobility services, the rate of congestion in the traffic gets reduced drastically thus making it popular among the commuters, on a whole. 


The micro-mobile services emit zero carbon into the atmosphere thus making it an environment-friendly choice for commuters to travel from one place to the other and travel or cover a distance. 

Cheaper in comparison to Cabs

Traveling by a micro-mobile requires the commuters to only pay a few bucks through their pocket in comparison when they travel by cab that, in turn, brings a crunch on their pockets. Thus, a micro-mobile service is reasonably cheaper and can be accessed at the most pocket and market-friendly rates. 

Assists in Building Smart Cities

Cities that have a strong focus on green initiatives, as well as energy efficiency, are known as smart cities. These cities look for ways to conserve the environment and thus they adopt solutions like micro-mobiles to conserve and protect the environment. Thus, on the whole, the micro-mobile services contribute and help in the building of smart cities. 

Fewer Skills Required

As compared to driving a car or a bike, the micro-mobile services do not require the rider to possess much driving skills. Anyone and everyone can avail of the micro-mobile services and travel to the destination that they have to. 

Along with the factors mentioned above, other factors like no requirement of a license, fast mode of transport, etc., to name a few are factors that have contributed towards the growth of the micro-mobility sector and to sum up has become a solution that commuters have started depending upon to travel distances in the shortest amount of time. 

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