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Facts About Solar Energy You Need to Know

Solar energy has become a buzzword in every affair of countries across the globe. It is indeed a good deal wherein, the developing and developed nations both work towards expansion by utilizing a renewable source of energy.

It is one such resource that can be deployed in both households, commercial and industrial sector. Apart from the widespread advantage of availability, solar power utilization has kept the carbon footprint in control eyeing at the rapid pace of development and electricity utilization.

Apart from this, there are some of the hidden facts that are statistically derived after examining the effects of its deployment in different sectors.

  • Solar power can fuel vehicles: Solar energy is generated through PVCs as it is a semiconductor, that is usually made of silicon. Owing to its property to absorb light, components in solar paneling convert the sun’s energy to electricity. The cost of solar cells varies from $10 to $400. The cells that are more efficient, i.e. have a better capacity of capturing sunlight and converting it into solar power. Ultimately, the expensive ones are used to fuel racing cars, airplanes, etc. The race-worthy solar cars can travel beyond 60 miles per hour (96 kph). Some have the capacity to traverse hundreds of miles by using thousands of such solar cells placed in the body of the car.

Solar power can fuel vehicles

  • Solar panels produce 10 kilowatts of energy per square foot: Most solar panels have the capacity to produce up to 200 to 250 watts. It implies that they can produce up to 10 kW of energy per square foot. An average household that requires energy up to 11,000 kilowatt-hours per year will suffice the need in 30 250-watt panels that receive about four hours of full sunlight per day. These panels will do everything from keeping the lights on to running air conditioners and heating up water heaters.

  • Helps to save up to 90% on the electricity bills: If a household pays Rs 8,000 as their electricity bill, the yearly expense on the electricity bill comes down to Rs 96,000. Using Advanced Solar Calculator, one can calculate the recommended solar system size would be about 9 kW. With the net metering system in place, the electricity bill comes down from Rs 8000 per month to only Rs 948/- making the saving from solar reach Rs 7,052 every month. That equates to roughly Rs 85,000 saved every year. Saving up to 90% of the amount you pay every month.

Solar energy electricity bills

Reaching the breakeven after solar installation happens in the span of three years. There are several solar panel installation companies that provide highly efficient panels. MYSUN is the biggest online rooftop solar company in India, and they operate in multiple states in North, central and western India. They have advanced technology and highest quality solar services in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, and Ghaziabad.

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