Family Trips to Turkey

Turkey offers a host of family-friendly activities and attractions-some natural, some historical, and some educational. With its culture, activities, and beaches,

Turkey is quickly becoming one of Europe's most interesting and family-friendly tourist destinations. The country that connects Europe and Asia is an exciting travel prospect due to its growing wealth, diverse culture, and beautiful landscapes. However, knowing what to explore in the vast country can be difficult for families at times. In this article, we will take a close look at a few of Turkey's best family vacation spots. Your journey will rival anything you have ever experienced, with ideal travel packages, suitable hotels, locations, and family activities, and resting on your temperaments, preferences, and budget. 

Top 6 Family Destinations in Turkey 

  • Antalya- Antalya is a big city on Turkey's Mediterranean coast with a population of over a million people. The destination is perfect for families who take pleasure in learning about new cultures and ideas, though it also caters well to traditional beach vacations. Antalya hosts a number of festivals each year, including the yearly piano festival. Antalya hosted the 19th annual international piano festival in 2018, which featured a variety of artists such as Gurer Aykal, Laua De Los Angeles, and Kenan Tatlici. Antalya is also home to one of Turkey's premier film festivals, making it ideal for families who enjoy discovering exciting and new on-screen experiences. The Su Hotel, a massive hotel complex overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, is one of the city's standout resorts. The all-white hotel has its own sun loungers and pool. Some of the best beaches in Antalya and archaeological sites can be found in the area adjacent the hotel.
  • Marmaris- Marmaris is a popular tourist destination on Turkey's western coast. It is home to several major hotels and resorts, including the Blue Bay Platinum Hotel, Green Nature Diamond Hotel, Candan Club Hotel, Hotel Cettia Beach Resort, Yunus Hotel, & others. Marmaris is an excellent family destination because it has some of the finest package holiday deals accessible. Hotels will frequently take care of everything, including food & evening entertainment. Although you can easily spend your days here by the hotel pool, this place has a plethora of other attractions. You can go see the ruins of the Roman amphitheatre, rent a boat and sail around the lagoon, or visit the local Turkish market, which has jewellery, entertainers, and clothing stores.
  • Fethiye- Fethiye is located close to a fault line. A major earthquake struck in 1958, destroyed the old town to an extent. As a result, in comparison to Western Turkish coast’s other settlements, Fethiye appears quite modern. Fethiye is ideal for families looking to go away from all this. The town is moderately isolated, sitting at the mouth of a natural bay and surrounded by stunning scenery. The nearby beach is a few miles away in Calis, which is easily accessible by bus or water taxi. Clear waters and a variety of restaurants offering traditional Turkish fare can be found here. Some parts of Fethiye's old town remain, including the Paspatur, or "old quarter," which features rare white-washed mosques & traditional cobbled streets. Butterfly Valley is one of the must-see attractions in Fethiye. Swimming and hiking in Butterfly Valley are two of the finest things to explore in Turkey.
  • Oludeniz- For decades, the Oludeniz lagoon has graced the covers of travel magazines, showcasing the finest that Turkey can offer the world. The sweeping curves of its beaches, combined with the pine-encrusted peaks in the background, create a stunning backdrop for any family to enjoy. Although it appears to be a bliss, families must be aware that the region has seen significant tourist development before visiting. Having said that, the area retains a lot of its natural charm with many stunning views, sandy white beaches, and crystal clear waters. St Nicholas Park, the hotel almost completely surrounded by a beautiful pine forest that overlooks the town and ocean below from a mountaintop, is one of the most beautiful resorts in Oludeniz for families. It is an excellent resort with stunning views.
  • Kalkan- Kalkan is amid the best family vacation spots in Turkey. Kalkan was primarily a fishing village until the 1920s. But it quickly became a centre for music and art, with a surprisingly Bohemian vibe. Families have been flocking to Kalkan since the 1980s owing to its beautiful yacht harbour and stunning scenery. The fact that Kalkan has remained unspoiled is its main advantage. It has retained its traditional charm by resisting the temptation of building noisy nightclubs and serving visitors "the full English." Here, life is still comparatively quiet, which allows families in getting away from this all. The Courtyard Hotel definitely is an exciting resort in town. It is a boutique hotel with only six rooms which serves traditional breakfasts. It is located in the center of Kalkan on slender streets just some minutes' stroll from the beach.
  • Pamukkale- Pamukkale is a small village within the Aegean region, approximately 3 hours from Kusadasi Town. With its beautiful white cliffs full of natural hot spring waters, it is also a popular tourist destination in Turkey. These white cliffs are also known as Pamukkale travertines, and they are one of the most unusual places you will see and explore on your Turkey vacation! Furthermore, the healing properties of the natural spring water which fills the travertines are well known. There are numerous 5-star resorts nearby (about 3-5 km). If you want to spend your vacation in Pamukkale Turkey, you can have a comfortable and healthy vacation away from the big cities hustle and bustle. 

Tips to Follow 

Turkey has become a magnet especially for family vacations because it is such an amazing place to visit. While we understand that vacations are meant to be enjoyable and relaxing, travelling with children can have the opposite effect. You must be prepared for any tantrums that the kids may throw your way, whether they are cribbing teens or tiny tots. Below are the tips to follow while vacationing with family in Turkey. 

  • Plan out the family travel preferences 
  • Flexibility is a must 
  • Choose a kid-friendly resort or hotel 
  • Carry few comfort items 
  • Carry extra clothing 
  • Carry all the required medicines 
  • Avoid giving sweets to kids to prevent sugar rush 
  • Involve teens in planning 
  • Explain the trip to kids 
  • Provide all contact information to kids 
  • Use public transport 

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