Fantasy Cricket has now taken a Front Seat in E-gaming in India

Fantasy sport, also called rotisserie sport or roto, is defined as the games that permit a person to play either a virtual game or a virtual season of a sport. With the explosion of the Internet, many fantasy sports grew in popularity worldwide. In addition to the more common leagues involving team sports such as cricket, football, baseball, basketball, and ice hockey, fantasy leagues that focused on individual sports such as golf and auto racing also came up in the late 20th century. Although fantasy sports originated in the United States, they caught on in other countries too, particularly the United Kingdom, with fantasy football (soccer) the most popular game in the country(primarily leagues that involve players from England’s Premier League). Other fantasy sports that caught on around the globe include tennis and Australian rules football.

Talking of India, sports like football and hockey are popular but are no way near the popularity of cricket. The craze of the sport in India is on a different level. Media coverage of the sport in the country is one of the major reasons for its popularity. Cricket is like a religion in India. Players like Sachin Tendulkar and Kapil Dev are worshipped like gods.

Over 90 million fans played fantasy sports in 2019 compared to two million in 2016. As per the fantasy sports information offered by the Indian Federation of Sports Gaming (IFSG), two out of three sports fans in India know of fantasy sports.

Games like Clash Of Clans, Free Fire, and PES are some of the popular online games in the country. But the introduction of Fantasy Cricket has attracted a lot of their audience towards itself. The concept of watching a match along with playing it online and earning money is absolutely a super hit in our country.

The love for the sport in people is amazing. This craze and passion for the sport have led the fans to play online fantasy cricket. There are multiple cricket fantasy apps. These apps offer you the opportunity to play fantasy cricket league and earn real cash every day.

Real11 is one such top fantasy platform operator in the nation. It is regarded as one of the best fantasy apps in India. After downloading the app, you can commence your journey within the field of tactic-based cricket by creating your dream team.

There are paid as well as practice contests which are free to play. You can first make your dream squad in the practice contests, know how the game works and then participate in the paid ones. The paid contests usually have a nominal entry fee. You can select single or multiple contests at once. Lastly, you can build your fantasy team by selecting 11 players from a list of 22-30 players provided. You can also make more than 1 team to maximize your chances of winning. Every player you select takes away some credit points assigned. You also have to select a captain and a vice-captain as they provide point multipliers, 2x and 1.5 x respectively to your team. These 2 players should be the players whom you think will perform the best in the game. The player selection in your team should be based on the recent form of a player and not their reputation. People with a good knowledge of the game and a logical mindset can do exceptionally well in fantasy sports and earn a lot of money.


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